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Fido: A Little Too Good At Playing Dead

Fido is described by some as “Pleasantville meets Night of the Living Dead.” The following is how I describe it.

Fido was directed by Andrew Currie and stars Carrie-Ann Moss, Billy Connolly, Dylan Baker, Henry Czerny, Tim Blake Nelson, and K’Sun Ray. It is set in a 1950-ish sort of environment, only it is after the great zombie wars and all towns are securely fenced off from the zombie infested outlands. However, scientist have found a way to domesticate zombies to use as basic slaves, via some collars. Trouble ensues when a young boy and his family get a zombie with a collar that tends to shut off.. The zombie is named Fido and first becomes a beloved family pet, and then perhaps something more.

The acting in the film is fine, just some of the roles weren’t that great to begin with. My biggest example of this without trying to probe too intellectually and waste time is Dylan Baker as the father. He is a good actor, but the character wasn’t so strong or interesting.

The movie is very slow. It is only around an hour and a half long, yet I felt like I had just sat through at least 2 hours of film or more. The concept is extremely creative and very entertaining to think about, and there are indeed many moments of sheer hilarity. However, the story itself somehow stretches into a disjointed ill-paced snoozer.

People who shy away from horror movies should not be turned off by the involvement of zombies. If anything this is more of an artsy satire for film fans as opposed to horror genre diehards looking for the gore and mayhem.

The movie gets a lot of credit for being an entertaining concept, and for being funny in lots of places. The slow pace is only forgivable for one viewing, however, and though I’ll never forget the film it still won’t make any future lists of mine for great movies; though that could also be because I probably won’t waste my time with making such a list. An entertaining concept to check out, hilarious in parts, but overall a bit too zombie paced.

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  1. I agree. This film is slow. What they should have done is cut out all the brutal kills and made it a family film because it did have a lot of heart. I would give it 2.5/5 stars. Good review.

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