Admittedly, I’m at the perfect age for this movie. The first Toy Story came out when I was just 3 years old, and the second I watched countless times in elementary school. Needless to say, I grew up on those films, and with those characters. The brilliance of the premise is that these are toys, so when merchandise is made for the film, it just becomes all the more real. Most other films, you’re simply holding plastic recreations of the action heroes, but not this movie, those toys ARE these toys. Voicing the toys are Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Don Rickles, John Ratzenberger , among others. Just as the films before it, Toy Story 3 takes place at first at Andy’s house, then onto bigger set pieces. This time, it’s Sunnyside Daycare, where things aren’t as they seem.Andy has gotten older, he’s 17, and he’s preparing to leave for college. He hasn’t played with his toys in quite some time, and now that he’s leaving, doesn’t know what to do with them. The Toys, realizing they won’t be taken with him, decide to prepare for a move into the attic. But because Andy thinks they’re just junk, the toys decide they better just jump in the donation box to Sunnyside daycare. When they get there, they see that the kids keep coming, and they love playing with toys. They’re exactly where they want to be. Or so they think. Lotso(voiced by Ned Beatty), takes them to a room to be played by younger kids, kids who are too young to know how to play with toys. They have to find a way out, or the kids will end up destroying them.The movie starts very quickly. The opening scene is fantastic, going inside the head of Andy as he plays out a scenario with his Toys. Pixar just gets better and better at displaying colorful and incredibly detailed visuals, and this scene certainly shows that off well. But it doesn’t stop there. Every toy in the movie has every bit of it correctly applied, texture, and coloring, and shading, all so well rendered. The toys are amazingly polished, so that they look great, but not entirely new. The reason for that is the Nostalgia factor. This is a franchise made over the course of fifteen years, many grew up watching it, and it knows that fact very well. The beginning of the movie transitions from Andy’s childhood, with Randy Newman’s “You’ve got a Friend in Me”, to the older college-bound Andy. Watching the movie is like hanging out with a friend, and having a chat about older times. You laugh at the humor as if it’s an inside joke, and you cry at the emotional moment because you’ve been through a lot with them.That said, the movie is very funny. I don’t want to explain any jokes, that’ll ruin them, just know it’s funny. And it has a great cast and writers, why shouldn’t it be funny?  There are plenty of new toys this time around, and they all add their little bits of humor and charm. Despite that, the movie is sad too. Practically everyone around me was crying by the end of the movie. That says a lot.Pixar has yet to put out a film I’ve disliked. This movie I especially enjoyed. You’ll be cheering on the heroes, and booing the villain. It was an exceptional ending to a great trilogy, with beautiful animation, a humorous voice acting cast/script, nostalgic/tear-jerking moments, this film was fun and amazingly enjoyable.