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I Love you Man(2009)

I originally saw “I Love You, Man” several months ago, but when I heard my sister hadn’t seen it, I jumped at the chance to re-watch it with her. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel lead a star studded cast including Lou Ferigno and Rashida Jones. It’s a comedy about a man’s lack of friends before his marriage day.Peter(Rudd) is a real estate agent who gets the lead on Lou Ferigno’s loft, and decides to celebrate by proposing to his girlfriend Zooey(played by Rashida Jones). However, when the word spreads that the two are engaged, the question everyone wants to know is who Peter’s best man will be. Peter realizes this is a big problem and looks for a male best-friend to even out the amount of female best-friends he surrounds himself with. He soon meets Sidney Fife(Segel), an unusual character who brings out a side of Peter that doesn’t get out around anyone else. Zooey likes the idea of Peter having a male best friend, but grows worrisome of the way he’s starting to act.The film seems very genuine. Both characters are really easy to relate to, with Sidney losing friends to romantic companionship and child-birth, and Peter being very sensitive and awkward. I know many married couples who lose almost all friends in order to focus on each other. In that sense, it’s nice to see this idea brought to light. Both characters are also completely fine with male bonding in a refreshing way that never really crosses into a homosexual boundary (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate gay people or anything). What I mean by that is that this generation seems so insecure with their sexuality that they’ve become avoid-ant of close friendly bonds. Phrases like “No Homo” sum that idea up perfectly. It’s ironic really, when the more you deny something the more suspicious you look. But this film isn’t afraid of male companionship. Even the title, “I love you, man”, is a phrase rarely heard these days. It’s good to know that not everyone is so intolerant of homosexuality that they’d rather be what used to be considered acquaintances, as opposed to close friends with someone.The film is also very funny. Peter is awkward in trying to fit in with friends, saying the first things that come to mind, even if they don’t make sense.  Meanwhile Sidney is very open, and loud– never shy to let everyone know what he’s thinking. With the cast in this film, it’s surprising that this isn’t an Apatow film. Lou Ferigno, J.K Simmons, Jaime Pressly, Jon Favreau, Andy Samberg, the film is loaded with stars who do a great job at bringing the laughs. The characters do what they’re supposed to, if they’re meant to be jerks, that’s how they come off, if they’re meant to be likable, they are. All the while, they’re all funny and enjoyable.The film is fun and funny. It’s full of stars, and written genuinely, doing a good job of keeping the audience entertained. And it’s not afraid of letting it’s male leads get close without stringing along some unnecessary romantic subplot.

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  1. you pretty much hit the nail on the head, I love this movie and you did it justice, But, the tangent you went off on about the homosexuality thing was a bit awkward, too much personal opinion. Besides that one point it was a good review!

  2. Yeah, sorry for that. I was simply trying to point out how refreshing it was that not everyone is close minded, and that having close friends of the same sex doesn’t make you gay. I was tired when I wrote that, so I guess I didn’t realize how far I took it, but thanks for the criticism.

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