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Hot Tub Time Machine(2010)

Last Night I watched a flick by the name of “Hot Tub Time Machine”, starring John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. The movie takes place primarily at a ski resort in a place called Kodiak Valley, a place where supposedly everything great happens. The film starts in 2006, and as per the title, we are taken back through time to the 80’s to find out the events that took place among these three best friends weren’t  exactly what you’d call “great”.

The characters all start out in a bit of a rut.  Nick(Robinson) is a dog groomer who is married to a very controlling wife, so much so that he took her last name as part of his. Adam(Cusack) is living with his Nephew Jacob(Duke), and just getting off a break-up that lost him plenty of his belongings, including his TV. Lou(Corddry) has seemingly nothing going for him, and ends up getting in the hospital(as to how, I’ll let you find out, I’d rather not be the one to ruin any gags) and accused of attempted suicide. Adam and Nick catch word of this and decide to take him on a vacation to clear his mind, so they take him back to Kodiak Valley. As they make their way in, they realize their favorite spot from when they were kids is now rundown, and practically deserted. Nonetheless, they continue into a hotel in the valley and end up finding the Hot Tub Time Machine which sends them back to 1986 where they have the choice of either keeping things the exact same, reliving horrible events with future knowledge, or completely changing things, and risking horrible outcomes.

I thought the comedy in this flick was really entertaining and funny. I’m not one to laugh hysterically through films, I really only chuckle slightly even if a joke is really funny. I did however do more than that at a few points during the film. There’s a running gag(one that I won’t really ruin by describing it very vaguely) with a bellhop, who, in the present has a missing arm, and back  in the past we see several moments where it seems as if we can find out how he loses it. Jokes like I that I can dig. They have a set-up and repeat themselves a few times without overstaying their welcome, then deliver a fairly satisfying punchline. The plot of the film isn’t entirely original, nor is it very intricate and mind-boggling. It’s a simple plot and a a simple explanation for time travel, but the humor keeps it fresh and enjoyable. I think that’s what makes the script rather brilliant, it involves time-travel (a topic which can often end up esoteric or just overly confusing), but in a way that’s still fun. That was one of the reasons why “Back to the Future” was such a hit(though I wouldn’t say the two films are alike in many other ways).

Another thing about that film that made it fun was the cast. With cameos from Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover, and Thomas Lennon, the film never really seems dull. Craig Robinson especially shines in the film. I’ve never been disappointed to see Robinson since I first saw his role in the Office,  he never fails to make me laugh. Nearly every scene is stolen by Robinson, but luckily when they have scenes without his character, the other actors pull their weight and don’t drag the movie down. The one actor I was slightly disappointed with was Clark Duke(for not getting typecast, funny enough) because he was given the role with the least to work with. He has a couple funny jokes every so often, but compared to his roles in “Clarke & Michael”, “Sex Drive”, and “Kick-ass”, it’s strange to see him get such  humorless character.

Fun flick– doesn’t give Clarke Duke much to work with sure, not too complicated, and I wasn’t exactly laughing loud throughout the entire movie(though I’ve been accused of having no soul)– and  I still thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Time Machine(2010)”

  1. Thanks for the insightful review, you gave me the perfect amount of info and reasons why you liked it. I was not so sure I should rent this film, but I think I will.

  2. Thank you for reading it, I’m glad to have possibly inspired you to rent this flick. After checking it out, feel free to voice your opinion in another comment, I’d like to hear another opinion.

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