Pontypool, based on the novel “Pontypool Changes Everything” written by Tony Burgess (who also wrote the script for the film), is a fiercely weird, diabolically addictive film that, from the beginning, pulls you in and makes you want more all the way until the ending. Pontypool is the true example of a simplistic zombie movie that is more contemporary and real than any Romero-craft.

Pontypool focuses on burnt-out radio D.J. Grant Mazzey, who is just starting as the new D.J. for the city of Pontypool in Canada. The film could very easily be turned into an award-winning play since most of it takes place in one area. The film follows the tracking of a virus that seems zombie-esque that is traveling around this town. As the story progresses, the ways of contraction are introduced, and the film’s awesomeness shines. Bruce McDonald directed this film which stared Stephen McHattie and Lisa Houle.

Best Aspects: Acting, Script and Scenes. The acting was amazing, the script was equally awesome, and the scenes were excellently done, most of the film happening inside of a radio studio. The interactions are amazing and the creativity is limitless.

Bottom Line: A+. Go see it now. You won’t regret it, I guarantee. Reminder: It is quite weird.