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AWAKE (2007) by Charleen

This psychological thriller will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.  “Anesthetic Awareness” is a condition some 700 people under anesthetic have experienced.  The person’s body is completely paralyzed during an operation yet they are ‘awake’.  Awake in this sense is that the mind is fully aware of what is happening around them but their paralysis prevents them from even uttering a word. 

Hayden Christensen is not only captivating because of his exceptionally good looks but also because he fully embraces his character as Clay, the wealthy son of a controlling mother (Lena Olin).  So controlling is she that he hides his relationship with his beautiful fiancé, Sam (Jessica Alba) for a year.  Clay also happens to have a heart condition and is in desperate need of a heart transplant.  It also here where heads bang between mother and son.  Clay wants his doctor friend, Jack (Terrence Howard) to perform the surgery while his mother is adamant that only the best surgeon will operate on her son.   

We watch as Clay defies his mother by quickly marrying the woman he loves and choosing his friend to perform his heart transplant.  While he’s under the knife going through ‘anesthetic awareness’, what he hears and the out-of-body experience he goes through is nothing short of a revelation. 

Whilst the plot of the story lies in Clay’s planned death during surgery and the fact that he’s awake yet incapacitated, more important is that he is actually awakened by the experience as blocked out childhood memories come to light. 

There’s another message that one should take heed of in this movie and it’s that “mothers know best”.  

An insightful and interesting movie that comes highly recommended for its story-line which is full of twists. The acting also far exceeded my expectations.  Last but not least, Christensen and Alba provide great eye candy!

3 thoughts on “AWAKE (2007) by Charleen”

  1. i did actually in joy this film it had lots of twists to it and it did turn out as what i expected i would watch it again very good film and i would deffently recomened it

  2. Have to say, cannot see how anyone found anything of worth in this trainwreck! Real shame to see people like Lena Olin appear in muck like this.

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