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The Blind Side-Review


This film is about Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), an out of place loner from the ghetto who by chance becomes the biggest name in the NFL. It starts with his uncle trying to get him into a private school to better his education for an unknown destined career. After being accepted, the teachers see no progress in his learning because he has a below zero GPA. Oher never had anyone care for him, from his drug addict mother and never knowing who his father is. Oher’s uncle doesn’t want him staying at his house anymore, so he decides to sleep in a nearby laundry mat. Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) is introduced to Oher when spotting him walking to nowhere in the rain in the middle of the night. Being a great person and Christian, Tuohy takes away any fear that Oher might be dangerous and invite him to live with her. After while, Oher has a place to call home with people to call family. Tuohy motivates him to succeed in his school work which lands him on the school football team. Oher is surprised how good he plays until many college recruiters come to get him to attend their school. In the end, Oher goes from a below zero GPA and no one to care for him to being on the president’s list, having a loving legal family and starting on a winning college football team. It’s the classic rags to riches story with the help of a selfless woman and her ambitious son.


I really enjoyed the movie mainly because of Sandra Bullock’s character, Tuohy. Living in this day and age, it’s sometimes difficult to fulfill all of one’s Christian duties of giving a helping hand to a stranger. I loved how Tuohy didn’t care what others said about becoming attached to Oher, she wanted to do what she could to help him succeed like her own child. Tuohy is fearless and powerful, for instance when looking for Oher, she went to the ghetto and confronted the thugs that threatened her with guns. She threatened back making them acknowledge her strength and they backed down. The character Oher was quite moving because he wasn’t your typical stereotype guy from the ghetto. Oher had a loving caring heart, he just needing a family to express that to. Sometimes when I watch a movie I always feel something was left out, but not this film. The story line was great with its careful detail to all the characters and their personalities and the reason for the few locations that reflects their personalities. This film is a great life lesson to care for one another and more for those you don’t know. I would watch this movie again and again.

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