ParaNorman (2012)

 Stop-motion animation is long process for making an animated movie come to life. Something that’s interesting to note, that most stop-motion animated films are typically horror films; this is all thanks to the 1993 animated film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” produced by Tim Burton. Now, a resurgence in stop-motion animated features thanks to 2009’s “Coraline”. That movie was aimed to scare little girls; now “ParaNorman” is the exact opposite of “Coraline” by delivering fear to little boys. “ParaNorman” is a creative animated film that, while having a somewhat predictable third act, is still quite impressive to watch.

 The plot of the movie centers on Norman Babcock, a regular 12-year old kid just like everyone else. Except for one little problem: Norman can talk to ghosts but no one else can. One night, the spirit of a deceased hobo tells Norman that a witch’s curse will plague the town, and Norman is the only one who can stop it. It’s up to Norman to save the day and become a hero.

 “ParaNorman” is a scary, creative, and very unique animated film. The writing is clever enough for older kids to understand, as well as adults. The cast isn’t that bad to hear their voices on screen, though sometimes it can get over the top. The direction is good as the audience does get attached to the characters and the action that’s going on. But what really makes the movie stand out is the animation. Done by the same team that did “Coraline”, the animation is incredible, both to look at, and to see the creative details that were put into the film. The character design is amazing, the sets are interesting to look at, and at some moments, the film can get a little scary. What this means is that the whole film is a zombie flick, and for a zombie movie that is intended for kids, it does its job well.

 The only negative criticism that “ParaNorman” has might be the third act is somewhat predictable. What this means is that the end of the film is nice, but you can tell what’s going to happen. Granted the third act is a good climax to the movie, it’s just that we’ve seen it before.

 In conclusion, “ParaNorman” is a clever film that a good addition to the world of stop-motion animation. Though the climax is calculable, the movie’s not that bad. This film is for anyone who enjoys the artistic form of stop-motion animation.

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