Gaining fame (or infamy) by creating less than appealing video game to cinema adaptations, director Uwe Boll is the sort of individual many love to hate. Rampage deviates from this method in many ways…and shines because of it.     Brendan Fletcher (Hot Tub Time Machine, Smallville) stars as Bill, a troubled individual who has become discontent with society. After making a suit of kevlar, Bill goes on his Rampage against those he feels have wronged him. The next 85 minutes are filled with Bill’s disturbing psychological breakdown.

What really makes this film more than standard Uwe Boll cinema is how it shows the mind set of a truly psychotic individual. Boll, like Bill, sees the reaction to societies various “injustices” as being entirely rational. While I heavily disagree with the director, it does not change the fact that Rampage has a lot to offer.

While Uwe Boll is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who have enjoyed his campy movies will find themselves pleasantly surprised by Rampage. 3/5.

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