The Hurt Locker

The winner of the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay (which should have gone to Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds), Best Director (which should have gone to Duncan Jones for Moon) and Best Picture (Which also should have gone to Duncan Jones for Moon, or James Cameron’s Avatar. After all, it did make a billion dollars more than Titanic) was a film I saw a LONG while ago in 2009. The film was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t THAT good. The films Moon, Avatar (lets be frank), Inglourious Basterds, Up, and District 9 were better, in all honesty. The film could have been fantastic if it weren’t for two things: 1) Realism. 2) Spark. It wasn’t realistic. It was shown to soldiers, and they laughed about how unreal it was. The spark missing is what I like to call the “Robin Hood Effect,” after this years Robin Hood was made. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t draw the crowd in. It was somewhat bland, and though it was good, attention was very easily lost. So, here is the story.

William James feels that war is a drug, effecting him like it is an addiction to his madness for combat. He is in a bomb squad division, and when Bravo squad’s staff sergeant dies in a very unrealistic way (since later in the movie a worse version happens to James and not much happens), James is sent in to replace him. The ensuing two hours is entertaining and interesting, but it just has no spark. Imagine Jarhead (directed by Sam Mendes) with a bit more action, but the same feel of the boring parts during the action.

Best Aspects: Jeremy Renner, The editing, Anthony Mackie, font of the end titles.

Worst Aspects: Script wasn’t too good, Kathryn Bigelow’s direction sucked, and the events were often, to me, a “what the hell, continue with the story” moment.

Bottom Line: B+. It was good, but certainly not Oscar-worthy.

3 thoughts on “The Hurt Locker”

  1. Good post J.C. I agree with you when you say this movie, pursay, “stole” some awards from Inglourious and Avatar. However, I recall watching this film and distinctly feeling drawn into the realism of the movie. I believe the aspect of war is displayed excellently in this picture. Never knowing who may have a weapon under they’re garment. The confusion and almost sense of panic caused by the language barrier really caught my attention. I will go on to say that the acting wasn’t the best I’ve seen in a film, it also wasn’t the worst. Then again, I don’t truly think that this type of film desperately needed a stand-out performance. Overall, my rating of hurt locker would line up pretty similarly to yours. 4/5

  2. I agree that this wasn’t quite as good of a film as many say. My friend also told me that the weapons were used inaccurately, and many orders were also inaccurate. I do not know if this is true, but it might be worth checking up on.

  3. it probably is. In many films that are supposed to be “true to life,” they are more false than fiction (yes, I know that makes no sense, but go with it.”

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