Sex and the city

watching Sex and the City is like being a hostage at a sewing circle party where the main course is who ever walks through the door late or uninvited. I loved this show in the late 90’s it was well written and cleverly ingenious it was the female version of Seinfeld minus a male version of Elaine. funny how taste buds change after a decade isn’t it.I simply don’t care for this stuck up bunch anymore, they treat men as if they are Labrador retrievers and don’t seem the least bit concerned with their male counterparts unless their glass is empty.

And goodness do these “ladies” drink. They are all drunk all the time and they sweat like gorillas. The plot if you can call it that revolves around Carrie getting with Big for the big moment a sort of final chapter, the rest of the crew goes through growing pains connected with well growing up. Everything is reminiscent of daily soaps strapped together with a cable show enveloped in an inflated big budget production. The main problem is if you are not familiar with the show, the movie though it does have a brief reintroduction faze will leave non followers waiting a ridiculous 2 1/2 hours for the end credits.

The concept is not designed for me i know it’s a females movie. But if i’m going to sit through it you don’t have to cut my balls off. I know buddy/male movies are capable of some of this sexist stuff but i think those movies no matter how flagrant are about tolerance and maturity men don’t hate women we just want to understand how to coexist. Mr Big for example doesn’t coexist he sits around like a shaggy dog in front of a warm fireplace totally content with his dragon-lady princess ready to step and fetch at at her wim. Christ, ladies if this is your ideal man… He is always seen but never speaks and if he does speak it is in some very calm reassuring very unrealistic JEDI tone. Even when a friend is embarrassing him in his own dinner. he is polite and subservient

However annoying SEX AND THE CITY is in it’s male stereo types the females don’t fare much better their all cardboard characters brought to you by Crayola. Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are ungrateful whining creatures undeserving of anything except a slap in the face they have no redeeming quality whatsoever; if one of them were to get grinded up in a trash compactor i would laugh first because at least it is leading to a story arc

When Samantha peed on herself the few audience members still awake let out a collective laugh as if this was a tender moment of history to cherish.. What!! This movie needs an alien invasion or a runaway child subplot to infuse it with some real drama

.The only character i could stand was Louise played by Jennifer Hudson who still believes in love. She is so womanly, angelic and decent compared to those monsters you almost want to yell. “Get away from her you b….!”

On the other hand i am a sucker for great cinematography and slick production value. This movie does squeeze the maximum out of it’s locals. Fans of the series will enjoy the upgraded look. But If this is truly how women act behind closed doors. Keep the door shut.

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