We Own The Night

We Own The Night brings the team of James Gray, Mark Wahlberg, and Joaquin Phoenix back together; with them previously having been together for the crime drama: The Yards. So does this team score one for entertainment or does something else own the night?

James Gray is the writer and director of We Own the Night starring the two previously mentioned actors as well as Eva Mendes and Robert Duvall. The story follows a family of three men, two who are cops and one who is a night club manager slowly getting involved with a group of Russian drug dealers. Soon the night club manager must choose a side in the war on drugs and help protect the ones he loves.

This film is a crime drama, drama being the keyword. There are several intense action sequences, however, they are woven against thicker threads of drama more than anything. The story tries to balance both things, the action and the drama, and almost pulls it off if it weren’t for the mellow ending. When dealing with the type of intense and bloody action we are privileged to after a slow breast exposing opening to the film, the action plots through the drama and makes us feel like we are building up to a grand final showdown. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the ending fizzles.

All of the actors do fine in their roles with the relationship between Phoenix and Mendes being well developed before becoming victim to the fizzle itself. Wahlberg’s character needed more in the film and I think, even though the occurrences with him are somewhat understandable, the part should have played out differently in the story right before closure time.

The movie does most things well except tell the story in a fully entertaining fashion. It is worth rental price or perhaps the lowest price you can manage to see it one time, however, overall it was quite a disappointment to me. If you decide to watch it I hope you go into it expecting disappointment thanks to me and get to be a bit more surprised and enjoy it more. We Own The Night is a mediocre crime drama that winds around to a mediocre sort of outcome, with at least two moments of bloody action, a shoot out and a car chase, that are intense, but too much so: setting up your expectations for the finale and setting most up for disappointment. I saw this in the theatre and there were people booing at the end, even though I wasn’t actually one of them.

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