Deception is about an accountant (McGregor) who is introduced to a sex club by a mysterious man (Jackman). He then finds himself as a suspect for a woman’s (Williams) disappearance.


The cast was impressive, the chemistry between the actors was convincing, the plot was intriguing but I felt as though something was missing from Deception.


It was a great plot but I wasn’t surprised by the “great” twist at the end. It was very predictable. I felt like I’ve seen this movie in 100 different versions. Though, I can’t tell if it is very predictable or if I have seen way too many movies. I get the feeling it’s the latter. Assuming I have seen too many movies, this movie was great! I liked the actors and I don’t think you are supposed to really get what’s going on or what the ending is supposed to be. There is a big twist at the end that left some of my friends shocked. So, see this movie if you want a mystery type of thriller…and if you don’t watch a lot of movies.

Let me know if you thought the ending was obvious.

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