(2006). An “average American”, is chosen for a top-secret hibernation program. The program is shut down and he is forgotten. He wakes up 500 years in the future to a dumbed down world. The ‘average Joe’ is now the smartest man in the world.

Luke Wilson was absolutely perfect for this role. I cannot picture anyone else for this part. I LOVE this movie. It is extremely clever and just overall hilarious. There are times when you have to pay close attention to catch all of the little clever jokes. They are continuous throughout the film. Careful, or you will miss some.


It was extremely comical and clever. I was very, very impressed by it but it makes you think about the future of humanity. Be prepared to be afraid. Some of the jokes in the film are based on real life events or shows that are already in existence. Idiocracy makes us realize that as technological and advanced as the human race is, we are on the spiral of becoming a dumbed down society.

One thing I also really liked about Idiocracy was the narration. It fades in and out to the point where it blends with the film. It just flows and fits right in. It isn’t obnoxious or noticeable.

Everyone must see this movie! It is definitely one of my favorites. I was so very impressed by it in every way. Ridiculously clever and hilarious. Go see it ASAP. You will forever be quoting this movie and referencing the funny jokes and situations.

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