Low budget filmmakers need all of the support they can get usually, so I like to watch low budget films and write reviews, try to be positive, and find some sparkle. I rented the low budget horror film Plasterhead with said intentions in mind, give the little guy a chance. Or in this case a big guy with a plaster cast on his head.

Directed and written by Kevin Higgins this film is about a West Virginia legend involving a man who was beaten to where his face was a broken mess and now he is out for revenge on the backwoods town folks. Don’t go in the woods! A group of four friends in route to Miami get stranded in this area and face the legend.

The film has a low budget look to it and yet manages to capture some pretty footage. The lighting is very hit and miss , especially in an introductory car scene, and doesn’t do the actors and their complexions any favors. However, it was shot well enough that it wasn’t the sort of thing you must immediately pull out of the Dvd player.

The acting is on par for this sort of feature with one leading actress having the perfect look really and doing fine with her lines and the local towns people nailing their performances as well. Out of the two male leads of the four friends the white guy, I shall call him that because it is worthless to look up names, comes off as smuggy and not interesting. Sure smuggy is a word invented for my descriptive cause, but the real invention needed for an wannabe slasher/stalker film is the villain. Plasterhead is a big black guy with some white cast stuff on his face. The first glances we have of his grotesque face are interesting, but after that he is dull.

The movie as a whole is very, very dull. There is very little action at all and when Plasterhead finally does start killing he is a slow lumbering, uninteresting being and at least one of his kills is too Jason like. Actually most all of his kills are uninteresting, seriously I was bored out of my mind and found if you watch sections on fast forward it actually seems like a better pace. There are a few logical boo-boos in the plot, but those aren’t even a glaring issue since one isn’t being entertained anyway. No one even puts up any sort of fight really against Plasterhead. The filmmakers spend the entire time building up this legend and the movie is all talk and no action. The nudity used feels obligatory and the rare attempts at humor fall flat, so obligatory doesn’t work as in just paying homage to the genre and trying to be clever. There isn’t any good atmosphere to the film and I’ll just end this review stating it was sort of like a bad student film.

Overall: some good quality scenery was captured, actors are fine for the most part (oh, and the sound department probably wants some kudos; they can have them), but it is one boring waste of time.