I’m a dog lover. I own a Bischon Frise named Casper. I have nothing against cats, but don’t see the appeal. Dogs can play, do tricks and have been known to do brave acts to save their masters. Not many cats have done these things.

Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) are dog lovers as well. They love their dog, Friday, so much that they hide him from their foster parents (Lisa Kudrow & Kevin Dillon). After their parents died (we’ll never know how since Thor Freudenthal didn’t seem to care to explain it), they were shipped to five different foster families to no avail, thanks to the assistance of their Social Services agent, Bernie (Don Cheadle). So, they have to hide their dog in order to prevent him from going to the pound.

The poor dog winds up there anyway, as the pound catches him in the streets. The sibling duo bails him out, and come to the conclusion that they’ll have to give him to a good home. Or do they? Thanks to Friday, they stumble upon an abandoned hotel, where they discover two other strays. They decide to let Friday live their for the time being.

After inadvertently telling Dave (Johnny Simmons), a teenage clerk at the local pet store, that she adopts strays (he seen her missing sign for Friday), he gives her three more strays to take care of. Shortly, she’s boarding 10-20 dogs in one hotel. With the assistance of Dave, Heather (Kyla Pratt) and Mark (Troy Gentile), they give the strays a good home, while trying to keep it on the down-low so the pound doesn’t discover the dogs. Sarah McLachlin would be proud.

Hotel for Dogs isn’t realistic in any way shape or form, but it doesn’t aim to be. It aims to be a cute, funny kids film with a good heart. It accomplishes that. There are good laughs spread around, the dogs look cute and the cast is surprisingly solid. The best thing of all is, the kids aren’t annoying (which is a rarity).

It may not be great, but Hotel for Dogs is a fun family film.