The Kingdom

I recently went to watch the Kingdom which is a movie that stars the likes of Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, and my personal favorite Jason Bateman. It is an action drama that takes place after two bombs explode in Saudi Arabia on American soil. Jamie Foxx would like to get his team out to investigate but he is denied and ends up going behind his superior’s back to get permission. He and the other three go alone to Saudi Arabia where they are met by an officer played wonderfully by Ashraf Bahrom who is charged with keeping them safe throughout their five days of staying in Saudi Arabia.

The movie starts with a small background check on the history of the relation between America and Saudi Arabia which ends with the terrorist attack on the twin towers. When Jamie Foxx’s team gets there to find out the killers he and his team are outraged when they learn that they cannot interfere with the Arabs or collect any evidence at all. Foxx is determined to find out who is the bomber since his close friend died in the blast, but Farris (Bahrom) understands but refuses. They are kept locked up in a gym each night for their safety and must always wear bullet proof vests as a precaution.

The actors all get their job done, Jamie Foxx being the action man that he is portrays his character as well as he can along with the rest of his team. Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman do their best to give the movie a light feeling in their one liners and rants about the smallest things. Jennifer Garner truly is trying her best but I am afraid that I can’t break her from her Alias and chick flick stature to star in a movie like this. She is not bad, but there is definitely room for improvement.

The sets are also built especially to show the difference between the Saudi’s and the Americans. The Americans are contained within a wall. Inside this wall they have their softball field where the explosion occurred, the grass is green they have trees and real nice houses and all the people dress up like it’s a normal American summer day. Outside the wall the town looks beat up and complete sand, the people are all covered up and everyone seems to stare at Jamie Foxx as he goes by to add to the dramatic effect.

Overall this movie is a straight Americans save the world again plot with a little politics thrown into it. Nevertheless the movie works for me on many levels though the beginning is not exactly for the faint of heart. I think there was so much more that could have been done with this but for the most part director Peter Berg has pleased me with this movie. I give it a 3.5/5.