Julie and Julia

Everyone knows  Julia Child as the boiling water defying culinary chef who  showed America how to cook. But Julia Child wasn’t always Julia Child.
We had missed Julie and Julia when it came out in the theaters; so once it was on DVD, we instantly rented it. The moment we finished, I had a lot of different opinions about it.
As promising as this movie seemed when we first saw the trailer, the finished product is far from “inspiring”. At least, Julie’s story wasn’t. Truthfully, the movie would have been better if it were just about Julia Child; and not switching between two different lives.

I can say though, that it was funny, and entertaining. And I did learn a little more about Julia Child then I had before, but it was not as satisfying as it could have been.
This is a good movie for people who like food, or are interested in the life of Julia Child.

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