Synopsis: Eddie Cantrow marries his dream girl Lila to get out of the depression of being single. He soon realizes on their honeymoon that Lila is a crazy car singing hardcore sex addict. In the midst of all this he meets a new girl on his honeymoon named Miranda who he knows is the one for him. Now he just has to escape the grasp of his psycho new wife without Miranda finding out that he is a newlywed.

Romantic comedies are starting to become the ultimate date movie. The romantic comedy was an idea cooked up by some genius who decided to merge the chick flick with the vulgar male comedy. More often than not these types of movies suck. The only good recent movie with this style would have to be Knocked Up. The Heartbreak Kid on the other hand is nowhere near as funny or as smart.

For a good romantic comedy to work it has to be a good medium between chick flick and male vulgar humor. Heartbreak Kid ignores the entire chick flick and male vulgar humor, and just goes for straight stupid comedy. It tries to be funny and actually is in a few sex scenes, but overall this film trips flat on its face in sorrow for the cheap humor it bestows on us.

Ben Stiller plays his typical role that he has played in other romantic comedy movies. He is not bad, but he doesn’t accomplish anything he already has not accomplished before. Out of all the characters in movies that I have seen him play, Eddie Cantrow in this movie is by far the most boring and bland. For Stiller, this movie is more like a step backwards for his career. Ben Stiller’s dad Jerry Stiller plays the nutty sex driven dad and is really the only person who stands out in the cast except for Malin Akerman who does a great job at playing the ultimate psycho newlywed.

This movie does not have much to offer. In fact it has so little to offer you should not waste your money on it even as a rental. If you just go ahead and watch the trailer you can watch almost every funny part in the whole movie for free. Considering this film is a remake of a 1972 film it is not much of a surprise to see that hardly any of it is original. This is obviously Ben Stiller and the Farrelly brother’s attempt to come out with another There’s Something About Mary, but this movie does not even come close to being as creative and funny.

Renegade Rating: Rated B (Bad as in it doesn’t quite suck but isn’t recommended.)

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