Straight to Dvd comes the sequel to a film many thought should have been straight to Dvd itself, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. However, if you have even a shred of bloody horror fan in you quit reading this and just go rent the sucker.

Wrong Turn 2 is the first film directed by Joe Lynch a self-proclaimed horror nut and energetic spirit if you are to believe all of the praise found in the Special Features section of the Dvd. The cast are mainly unknowns, though you’re sure to remember some of them along with Mr. Henry Rollins. The story takes place once again in the happy forest land of West Virginia where mutated inbred locals are this time killing and feasting upon contestants who are filming a new reality show.

Right out of the gates director Lynch starts with the fancy camera shots, and even though the roads look a little too well maintained to be backwoods creepy country and the ax put to use looks rubber: the picture looks great. The plot scenario with the reality show has been done before and one of the reasons I actually liked the first Wrong Turn was because of the simplicity, so I was wary that the plot was going to try to achieve too much with cliché. They add a new element to the origins of the freaks, which I thought might not fit with the explanation of the first film, however, it fit exactly and even helped strengthen things. Forget the plot, forget cliché, this movie is all about kick-ass fun and the perfect cast rocking it for the perfect director.

Henry Rollins is getting high praise for his role, bringing the fighting spirit to his character and he is deserving. However, each and every one of the cast, though I too am too lazy to name them, filled their role, no matter how trivial a horror movie role it was: awesomely. I became interested in and cared about almost every single one of them before the film was finished.

If you are not a fan of gore and guts, then I guess you need to stay away from this movie, it doesn’t need you as a viewer anyway; the target audience should eat this right up. This time with the blood they even decide to sneak in a boob shot, and there is another sexual relationship within the film that will be all the gossip around the horror fans water cooler. Wrong Turn 2 takes gross to the level of cool and cranks up the volume just enough not to blow the tops off of our heads and make our brains puke out. The opening special effects are possibly the cheesiest, but from there on in what you’ve got is not a Wrong Turn knock off, but a nice new recipe.

The Wrong Turn series is not one full of originality, and Lynch with cast were surely aware of that, which made their task a daunting one. Full-on success I say, this movie is non-stop fun and the only thing that could have ruined it would have been a crappy ending: nothing ruined it. This movie made me smile and made me want to cheer at the movie screen, if you read this far I told you not to so I am just going to sum it up all blunt again: FUN.