Edge of Darkness

I would have loved to enjoy Edge of Darkness.  After all, it’s the comeback movie of Mel Gibson and from the trailer you could tell that you’re in for an old-fashioned revenge story with a harder twist.

But alas, I barely could keep up with the story. Maybe because English is not my native language so some words are lost in translation.  Or maybe because most of the dialogues between Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone are all so softly spoken that my ears are having a hard time to hear them.  Or maybe because Mel Gibson speaks in a funny way now…

Actually I got this exact same feeling when I watched Casino Royale.  So I was not entirely surprised to know that EoD is directed by the same guy (Martin Campbell).  Well, aside from all that gripe, I loved the action which has that raw-edge feel to it, akin to Bourne, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace which has become the de facto standard when it comes to action movies.  One standout scene for me is when Mel fearlessly steps in front of a rushing car and shoots the driver continuously until the car careened off the side and flips onto the river!  It’s a “whoa” moment.

At the end of the movie, the plot is made clear although when you realize it, it comes off as a bit simplistic.  Mel Gibson’s earlier movie, Ransom, is much more complex and intense.  But still, the screen presence of Mel Gibson alone is still worth the price of admission.  If only I could just somehow turn on the subtitles during the movie…

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