An inspirational movie that makes me look past the fact it’s about horses, Secretariat will hit you in the soft spot. The film tells the story of a woman who leads her horse to legendary victory. It’s stars Hollywood royalty Diane lane, and returning actor John Malcovich, as well as cameos by true blood’s Nelsan Ellis, and Disney’s Aj(ally and aj).The film is based on a true story.

The film is truly wonderful. I was doubtful on the idea of seeing another horse movie after watching horse flop “racing stripes”. I assure you that there are no zebra’s and talking flies in this movie. The movie is told through an span of four years so the character development is suiting for the plot of the film and to show the rise of titular horse, and its obstacles. Each character is introduced promptly for the viewer to know their place in the story. Me knowing very little of the horse sporting society, I was very impressed with how well the film educated me, without feeling like I was being forcefully taught.

Diane lanes portrayal of heroine Penny Tweedy was simply amazing. Never missing a beat, Lane delivers a prestigious performance worth an award of some degree. Me having no knowledge of the tweedy character, I would have sworn she were her. Lane’s looks and debonair easily blend in as the perfect 70’s housewife, and woman and charge. Thats speaks true when playing a man’s sport. A real character, bold and true. Returing veteran actor John Malcovich makes his stride as horse trainer luscian. A good performance. Not one to lead him to him to prominent films but a good role nonetheless. It was a comedy to watch his various “Superfly” get ups throughout the film. The role of Ms.ham was played to high degree.Sassy, comical,and perfect emotional. I wanted to see more of her in the film .Nelsan Ellis, while his lines were brief, had a powerful effect.

The theme of the movie was the rise of the underdog. The horse had low expectations, as well as Tweedy being a woman. As well as strong womenhood. The film had a strong sense of religious undertones. They ranged from phrases to songs, to even quoting the bible itself. These undertones can be seen as ploys to enhance the film or indirect words to believers.

Secretariat is rated pg. While the movie demonstrates great storytelling, its still a Disney movie. Like 300,the story is based off a true story, so the ending is imminent. The movie has a balance of decent balance of drama. While the movie had its predictable moments, the movie is a great film for a ladies/date night, or for pure movie watching. The movie will surely be more than just a “horse” movie.

I give this film the full reccomendation-Netflix,purchase, and red box rental

I give the film a 3.5 ouf 4

Until next time, happy movie watching!

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