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Journey 2: The Mystery Island-Review

Sean’s mother, Liz (Kristin Davis) and his stepfather, Hank (Dwayne Johnson) thinks Sean (Josh Hutcherson) is a rebelling teenager because of his strong-willed personality and the visit from the police that one time. Sean is actually trying to uncover clues to find his grandfather who is stuck on a mystical island. Sean uncovers the mystery and wants to travel to the middle of the ocean where the entrance to the island is located. To humor Sean and to bond more, Hank agrees to take Sean. With the refusal of the boat captain to take them to that part of the Pacific Ocean, Gabato (Luis Guzman) and his daughter Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) agrees to fly them for a hefty price. They come across a storm with multiple water tornados. While the others want to turn around, Sean pushes them to move forward as the island is hidden within. They crash and awake to the beauty of the mystery island. Shortly they also find Sean’s grandfather, Alexander (Michael Caine). Later they discover that both they and the island are in danger. As they escape large lizards and birds, they must find a way to get off the island before it is too late. Will they find a way? Will Hank and Sean bond? Will Sean and Kailani get together?




This is a great film for the family. It has adventure, mystery and both childish and adult humor. Dwayne is such a great actor and it shows on film that when he commits to a role whether it is action or comedy; he always shines. Josh is growing into his potential as well, although I would like to see him in more challenging films. Kailani’s role isn’t all too much mentioning. Her character is stubborn and independent as she often refuses Sean’s advances. The scenic views were realistic and beautiful. I was a little lost on the story because they never mentioned anything about Sean’s previous mystical adventure to find his father from part one. It is just known that Sean’s father is out of the picture. The main part that sells this film is Dwayne and his comedic lines, his sensitive comprehension, and the willingness to protect those around him. There was a moment towards the end that got me emotionally and that was during a bromance scene between Sean and Hank. I love it when guys on film are not always shown as the tough-skin type. All in all, I will see this film again.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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