One year ago, Jill (Amanda Seyfried) was taken from her bed and thrown in a hole in the woods. After her escape, she tries to convince the police of what happened but no one believes he exists. So she goes on living her life but prepares herself with self-defense classes just in case he returns. Upon arriving home from work, Jill finds her sister, Molly (Emily Wickerson) is missing and believes that he came back but got the wrong sister. She rushes to tell the policeman that was on her case, Powers (Daniel Sunjata) but yet again he doesn’t believe her. Jill takes matters into her own hands and gun as she combs through the city looking for Molly. Was Molly really kidnapped? Will Jill find her? Will Jill find the kidnapper? Can the police stop Jill?




            First and foremost, the trailer looks boring. The only reason I watched it-along with many others-is because Amanda is nice to look at. She is not the best actress out there but she’s pretty. The way she portrayed her character made me skeptic, wondering if she really did get kidnapped and maybe Molly is just off somewhere living her life. I do like how she gets information out of people. She doesn’t rely on her looks but on her wits. She comes up with the most believable false stories and she plays into it emotionally. I didn’t like the rush feeling of the film. Although it is understandable that Jill must quickly find Molly before the kidnapper kills her, but the rush feeling doesn’t seem real. The more Jill screamed and hollered at anyone who didn’t believe her or at anyone she begs for help, didn’t make me believe that it was a life or death situation. Scenes like that do not just come down to the actress but also the atmosphere surrounding the actress and that made the scenes feel like they were missing important parts. I hated the ending. There was so much build up from the beginning and when you finally want to see what you have been waiting the entire movie for, you come up short. The ending was way too fast and not satisfying.  All in all, I will never see this film again.

Rating: 2 stars

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