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The Woman in Black-Review

Lawyer Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliff) is struggling with finances and must find a way to care for his son. His law firm sends him to a remote village to verify a deceased woman’s will. Upon arriving there, he learns that the villagers fear the safety of their children because the ghost of a scorned woman is haunting them. Arthur is a non-believer and continues to work in the creepy and dark mansion until he starts seeing the ghost and then shortly after a child dies. Arthur must now find a way to stop her before his son comes to town for a visit. Will he unlock the mystery of who wronged her? Will he stop more children from dying?




I do love the transition from spectacles to sideburns. Daniel is such a talented actor. I have followed him since the very first Harry Potter but I’ve just seen his potential in this film. The way his face and body language captures terror and openly shocked emotions made the film come alive. Actually I believe that his acting was better than the film itself. Watching the scenes I just keep thinking of a cat and mouse game. Every time Arthur heard a noise, he would follow and then the noise would move somewhere else and he would follow. This goes on through the entire film. It was so repetitious that it makes the film lack any kind of idea of being a horror film. As I have said in other reviews, sudden loud music and a quick glimpse of the scary person or thing is not horror. It is just makes me huff and turn down the volume. I thought the plot had a little too much build up that it killed the suspense. If Daniel did not have the role of Arthur, this film would be a dud. All in all, I can see this film again.

Rating: 3 stars

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  1. I found the scenery and the setting/ mood of the movie to be “perfect” in conjuction with the story line. However, the acting could have been played a little better…

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