The Avengers (2012)

Grade: B+

You are sure to take entertainment from this, because Joss Whedon’s avengers gives everything a summer movie should. It has lot of smashing popcorn stuff during the final twenty minutes. All superheroes (for one particular reason no Spiderman) are here fighting alien ships and small outer world soldiers. The best thing about this movie is hulk. His character works and some nice witty dialogs for him. The big cloth washing fight is seriously funny. It has a repetitive value. Everyone in here take their roles and heat up when action kicks in.

There is nothing much in terms of plot, but to put it simple, I say it is a war movie between alien world and earth. Nick Fury(Samuel Jackson) meets Loki(Tom Huddleston) brother of Thor who takes an object called, tesserect and plan to launch it to take revenge on earth. Nick assembles the avengers, but there is trouble. They take time to work with each other. By then, hell breaks loose and everything becomes total chaos. Ladies and Gentlemen, now its the time for popcorn.

Hiddleston’s smile works. He is bad. Downey Jr is supercool as Stark and ironman. But the best among the group is Mark Ruffalo. He is the hulk alias Dr. Bruce Banor. He is so controlled in acting and can really heated up suddenly. The one thing that slightly disappointed me is the pace. It takes time for the avengers to unite, but surprisingly this movie is so human. Characters have feelings and lots of emotional consequences. Well done Whedon.

Rigidly encasted with solid popcorn stuff, makes avengers a wholesome summer treat. To say it in one word, disastertainment.

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