Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Sci-Fi Rhyming Review For ‘Lockout’

Rhyming Review For ‘Lockout’

Guy Pearce stars in ‘Lockout’, a sci-fi action film that takes place in a future time

In it, criminals get sent away cryogenically when they’re caught committing a crime

His character is accused of doing something bad while trying to retrieve a briefcase

He get sentenced to serve many years in this cryo-prison that floats in outer space

The daughter of the President happens to be there when the prisoners stage a coup

They take her, and the people she’s with, as hostages just as you’d expect them to do

Guy Pearce’s character, to avoid jail, agrees to give rescuing the daughter a try

He’s tough talking and full of quick-witted one-liners, a real smart-ass kind of guy

There’s also the subplot of the briefcase which is another reason why he agrees to go

Of course there’s tension between him and the daughter who at first is more of a foe

The main supporting roles are performed well by Peter Stormare and Maggie Grace

You may not know them by their names but you should recognize them by their face

This film is entertaining, has plenty of action but has a plot hole here and there

It’s good enough to warrant a look and regarding those plot holes, I doubt you’ll care

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