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BloodRayne 2: Deliverance (2007)

I’m not sure who would name their town “Deliverance,” but if you do, you’re going to have a bad time. In BloodRayne 2, which is, of all things, a Western, Rayne (Natassia Malthe takes over the role from Kristanna Loken), the town of Deliverance is taken over by a vampire named Billy the Kid (Zack Ward), in hopes of creating a vampire army by using the soon-to-be railroad that will open up in a couple of weeks. People will come in, vampires will go out, is his plan, I believe.

Our prologue shows us how nasty Billy can be. We meet a farming family, one that will pull through but is currently going through some financial hardship due to the weather. The father goes outside to kill a bear that he believes is pestering his horses, but does not return for a few minutes, prompting the mother to also go outside. We know they’re dead, but the children decide that hiding under the bed will save them. Billy captures them, not even looking under the bed; he knows they are there, I guess, because he’s a vampire and consistent powers don’t matter for these creatures.

He then either brainwashes or intimidates the authority figures of Deliverance into making him the top dog, and then he just has to wait. Unfortunately for him, Rayne was a friend of this family, and will stop at nothing to rescue the children that he captured, and in turn, save the town from its new overlord. She’ll have to, once again, assemble a team in order to do so, which will happen in the form of a montage before finally having one big final action scene to decide who gets to win.

I like how we’ve moved through time periods and Rayne is the same person she was hundreds of years ago. At the end of the first flick, she was basically the queen of everyone — or so it seemed, given that she was now unchallenged and was the most powerful creature around — but here, she fits right in, donning cowboy attire and talking like she’s lived in the Wild West her entire life. This does at least freshen things up, as having another movie set when the best weapon around was a sword might have been too much, but it never feels like the film does much with its new setting.

Oh, there’s a standoff like you’d expect, but for the most part, the film didn’t feel like it had to be set in 1880’s America, nor did it have to feature cowboys or even vampires. Neither play a prominent role here, as everyone is just a generic good or bad guy. This could easily be set in present day with better guns than revolvers and it would be the same movie. We wouldn’t have that one scene where Western music plays in the background (before it gets forgotten about and we get a generic “suspenseful” score), but I think we would make do.

Once again, action scenes are few and far between. There are only a couple before the final showdown between the two teams, Rayne’s and Billy’s, and they’re not particularly interesting. Billy is an intimidating figure and we already know what Rayne can do if she sets her mind to it, so when they finally meet, we expect a climactic battle. What results is less than exciting, reminding us that director Uwe Boll doesn’t understand how to stage a final battle that tops earlier ones.

I was actually beginning to nod off by the time BloodRayne 2 was coming to an end. Everything was just so boring and terrible that it wasn’t even enjoyable to watch. I liked the first film because it was so bad that it was fun to watch, but this one was just so bad that it’s boring. It was almost as bad as watching paint dry, and was only not quite as dull because Natassia Malthe is attractive and could handle herself in the fight scenes.

Unfortunately, she can’t carry herself when given extended dialogue sequences. It would have been better to make her a silent protagonist — or at least a mostly silent one. We kind of understand her motivation, although how she became friends with these people is never explained, and that’s good enough. We don’t need anything else to come out of her mouth; we just want to see her slice up the baddies. That would have played more to Malthe’s strengths, and also would have cut down a bit of the film’s running time, which feels bloated and overlong, despite not actually being all that long.

The other actors were actually more competent, although there’s a good chance you won’t know any of their names. Zack Ward makes for an effective and intimidating villain, Michael Paré shows up in a different role from the one he played in the first film, Chris Coppola plays a reporter from the East hoping to get a story about the real Wild West, but ends up becoming a servant to Billy — and that’s about all of the important and noteworthy roles and actors.

BloodRayne 2: Deliverance is a terrible film and not even in the good way. While the first one was enjoyable because it was so bad, this one becomes irritating and almost put me to sleep. The dialogue is worse, the acting is just as bad, the action scenes are fewer and farther between, there is no real climax, and I couldn’t help but feel like I wasted my time watching it. You’re better off just watching BloodRayne again, and that’s just sad.

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