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10 Zombie Movies you might not have heard of.

    10) Attack Girls Swim Team vs. The Undead – gratuitous nudity, lesbian love scenes, mentalist plot twists, gratuitous nudity, daftest cure for zombism ever, gratuitous nudity and a laser fired out of the main characters lady bits.Oh, and a mad scientist (which actually seems to be his official job title)9) Paris By Night Of The Living Dead –  So what if it’s only 12 minutes long? So what if what little dialogue there is, is in French? This French short has more invention in it’s short running time than most zombie flicks out there. The premise? A young couple have the end of their wedding ceremony interrupted by the zombie apocalypse. Luckily they remembered something borrowed, something blue and some heavy artillery.8) Night Of The Musical Dead – Carrie & The Evil Dead were both turned into musicals so the public domain Night Of The Living Dead was sure to get the treatment. Next up – Cannibal Ferox : The Musical.7) Afternoon Of The Rat Faced Zombies  (aka 28 Beers Later) – When there is no more room at the bar, the dead drunk will walk the Earth! Hit and miss comedy but it’s a short so if it’s not to your tastes then you haven’t wasted too much of your life. The zombie outbreak is caused by a dodgy batch of beer – more believable than a crashed satellite to be honest!6) Graveyard Alive : A Zombie Nurse In Love. A dowdy nurse is unlucky in love until she becomes a zombie! A surprisingly good zomedy romp with a good line in sending up cheap romance novels.5) Yamagata Scream. A zombie outbreak occurs during a Japanese school trip. Japanese school girls, samurai ghosts, zombies. No one does random daftness as well as the Japanese.4) Creatures From The Pink Lagoon.  Gay zombies! Good camp zombie fun.3) Zombabies. They’re babies. They’re zombies. They’re zombabies!2) Grub Girl. A zombie hooker. Based on the comic series by Edward Lee (who also wrote the novel which Header was based on). Hardcore sex. With a zombie. Surprisingly works unlike Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead, Porno Holocaust, Porn Of The Dead and a million others.1)  Snow Day Bloody Snow Day The town is driven to a standstill by snow and wouldn’t you know it? Zombies attack. A well made and fun zombie film. Let’s hope we hear from the makers again.

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