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Rookie CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) has seen nothing and no one but four walls at a safe house he is up-keeping. After his superiors continue to tell him that he needs experience before he is assigned to a case, he feels hopeless because a isolated room will not give him the experience he needs. After a year of no activity, the most notorious ex-CIA and declared U.S. terrorist Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is escorted in by a team of agents ready to beat information out of him. Shortly after, the house is breached and Matt is forced to take on his first case and that’s to keep him and Tobin alive and to reach the next safe house. Problem is the men after Tobin are heavily armed and always know their whereabouts from a insider. Will Matt crack under pressure? Will Tobin make his escape from Matt before he is brought to the other safe house? Will they survive? Why are the men after Tobin?Review:

I enjoyed this film more than I thought I would, which is why I waited until it hit DVD before viewing. I am not a huge Denzel fan. He has made some great films but they are not consistent because his films are either great or just horrible. I’m not a big fan of Ryan either. I just see him as good eye candy and an actor always delivering bad comic small lines in films. You are not funny Ryan. Writers stop trying to make him funny, it never works.

I must say after watching Ryan perform, I forgot at times Denzel was even in the film. Ryan gave a terrific performance, which was an absolute shocker. He worked hard for every scene he was in whether it was his reaction to thousands of bullets flying his way or being lonely and annoyed in the safe house or showing his love and concern for his girlfriend or his sense of call of duty to do whatever it takes to bring Tobin back to headquarters. I was waiting for him to give at least one of his stupid jokes but no, not one. Each scene was serious and intense with him. For as many films I have seen him in, I have finally seen his potential to be like some of the greats like Leonardo DiCaprio or Will Smith and others. Denzel was Denzel. He gave a nice performance and made the action scene move faster with his character using his intelligence and connections to get out of sticky situations. The supporting actors such as Vera Farmiga who plays agent Catherine Linklater, were the icing to finish the cake. They brought on the right amount of suspense to keep me guessing until the very end. All in all, I will definitely see this film again.

Rating: because of Ryan, 4.5 stars

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  1. This movie was OK, but it suffered from a tendency to be too predictable and cliche. As a veteran of both action movies and thrillers, I figured out who the bad guy was in the opening moments. This is, sadly, the second Denzel movie to have that effect (along with Out of Time).

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