Mirror Mirror

In 20th Century Fox’s newest release to DVD, called Mirror Mirror, the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in retold in a modern and charming way.  After the beloved king of a kingdom goes missing, his greedy wife assumes the throne and imprisons her young stepdaughter, Snow White, in the palace far away from the real world.  On her eighteenth birthday Snow finally decides to escape the palace and visit the kingdom that her father loved so much.  But she only finds misery and pain in a place that was once filled with dancing and laughter.  On her way back to the palace Snow runs into a wealthy and charming prince of a neighboring kingdom and catches his eye.  Once the Queen learns of her field trip to the village and the attentions of the young prince, she banishes Snow to the nearby forest.  It is there that a rebellious band of thieving yet kind dwarfs who teach her how to steal from the rich and give to the poor takes her in.  Thinking Snow is dead, the Queen sets her eyes on the well off prince in hopes of marriage.  A magical comedy ensues as Snow defends herself and proves herself worthy to run the kingdom.

There is really only one word to describe Mirror Mirror and that word is cute.  This movie is just too cute.   The “cuteness” abounds around every plot twist and character description.  The epitome of word is in the performance of one of the lead actresses, Lily Collins.  She plays the beautiful Snow White who transforms from a timid little girl into a brave young woman who is eager to rule her kingdom.  You could say that Collins steals the show.  A little less cute is the portrayal of the Queen by Julia Roberts.  She is truly devious in her plans to stay young, beautiful, and rich.  She is the precise combination of comedy and evilness.  Nathan Lane plays Brighton, the right hand man to the Queen, is the perfect scapegoat and push-around.  His banter with the Queen is intelligent and hilarious.

Directed by Tarsem Singh, Mirror Mirror is the perfect fairy tale for little girls and little girls at heart.  The kingdom and characters constructed by Singh are full of whimsy and magic.  This is a young person’s movie that even the adults will enjoy.  Even the costumes exude with whimsical touches that will tickle the funny bone.  Not an exact duplicate of the Snow White story many have grown up with, this movie adds a modern flare to the story that creates a uniqueness of a known story.  Filled with new and exciting aspects, this is not your typical fairy tale, but a new and different story that the whole family will love.  Mirror Mirror is sure to become a fairy tale classic that future generations will treasure.

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