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Rhyming Review For ‘Prometheus’

‘Prometheus’ is a top-notch sci-fi action thriller from director Ridley Scott

It’s sort of a prequel to the Alien films although the filmmakers say it’s not

The story starts on Earth as scientists discover unique paintings on a cave wall

They want to find who inspired these and try to find the meaning of it all

A crew is assembled and heads into deep space where the action takes place

They want to find what created life on Earth and, ultimately, the human race

The funding of this trip comes from a corporation that has an agenda of its own

They keep this information from the others so that their motives are not known

‘Big things have small beginnings’ is one of the themes in the story that is key

Special effects make up a huge part of the film and are as good as you will ever see

Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are good in the lead roles

The story is pretty interesting although the script has some noticeable plot holes

This film has many similar elements to the other Alien films, especially the first two

Even with its minor flaws it is worth seeing so recommending it is what I will do

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