Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Drama Rhyming Review For ‘Killing Bono’

Rhyming Review For ‘Killing Bono’

‘Killing Bono’ is based on a true story and this fact, at the start of the film, is told

The events are recent but the subject and basic story is one that is quite old

You’ve heard it before how a person misses out on popularity, fortune and fame

Bad decisions and events conspire to keep the world from knowing a person’s name

This story takes place in Ireland and begins with a bunch of kids in high school

It’s about two brothers who want to play in a band but one of the brothers is a fool

The one brother prevents the other from joining a group that eventually becomes U2

U2 becomes a success and he gets more spiteful feeling his group deserves their due

The decisions he makes running his own band are all misguided and turn out poor

He also feels guilty about preventing his brother from being in U2’s band of four

U2, of course, becomes one of the biggest, most popular rock groups of all time

Their story could have changed based on this film’s title and implication of a crime

The acting is solid, the music is pretty good and the story is interesting, I would say

It’s decent, so see it if you come across it, but certainly don’t go out of your way

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