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Rhyming Review For ‘The Woman In Black’

‘The Woman In Black’ stars Daniel Radcliffe, you know, he was Harry Potter

Strange things happen when ‘the woman’ appears and people do spot her

Radcliffe plays a lawyer who gets sent to a village in England that is very small

The people there act a bit strange around him and he can’t figure out why at all

His job has him at an old abandoned house trying to put the estate in order

The people in the village don’t want him there and don’t let him stay as a border

The villagers think the bad things happening to them are because of the woman in black

Whenever she appears a child is harmed, killed or suffers some sort of evil attack

The event of what happened to the woman and her child eventually becomes clear

The lawyer tries to uncover the truth and, by resolving the issue, ease everyone’s fear

This film is filled with moments that will give you chills and may creep you out

Daniel Radcliffe is good job in a role that’s different than his Potter role, no doubt

There’s a haunted house element with a few jolts that should provide a scare or two

This old fashioned spooky horror thriller is decent and I say it might be worth a view

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