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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

“What do you see?” I see everything. Sherlock Holmes the most famous detective of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels is now back in action for the second time. Game of Shadows bestows the impeccable talent of Sherlock and his histrionics to make the viewers engage. He sees everything and he says that it’s his curse. We must remember that the previous movie gave insight into important characters. This one has stressed upon the arch nemesis of Sherlock, Professor Moriarty. Warner Bros and same production unit brings in the sequel.

The plot continues with the last frame shot of the previous where Holmes and Watson think about Moriarty. This one opens with an explosion and a bit later with Watson (Jude Law) typing the memories of Sherlock. With this we can glance that movie has opened a bit late. The story goes in the form of past where Sherlock (Downey Jr) and Adler (Rachel Mc Adams) decide to spend a dinner together. But their party does not occur due to the interference of Moriarty (Jared Harris). Watson is now being married to his old love Mary (Kelly Reilly) and Sherlock is the special visitor. Sherlock now meets Moriarty a mathematician in a college not mentioned. Moriarty tries to disturb the happy moments of Watson and Mary. But Sherlock comes in time and saves them. Most of the movie focuses on the assassinations planned and climax encounter of Sherlock and Moriarty. Every time when they meet, there is a sense of argument that is this end to the Sherlock Holmes talent?

Plot development is also evenly good. In fact when compared to the previous I enjoyed this lot. The movie runs for about 130 minutes. The first forty five brings the characters and shows the presence of a compelling script. The next forty five exposes depth in the characterization and shows the chilliest and ever shown action sequence in Sherlock Holmes movie with all slow motion action shots and big bangs at the right intervals. This is the point where Guy Ritchie has proved that the movie is a high caliber entertainment. The last forty five is an act of game where two great talents face off in an epic climax. The most interesting aspect of this sequel is the likeliness of Sherlock and Moriarty thinking on the psychological attack on each other. This proves that Moriarty is the perfect match for Sherlock. There are few pleasant surprises towards the end and also certain question factors.

Character exposition is full in here. Holmes and Watson are more fully developed in their characters and their togetherness still strengthens the bond between them. Holmes still is a playful thinker who makes decisions at the quickest way and sees everything and grasps certain ideas at the glimpse. Watson is no longer a lame man here. He is more involved in the gunshots and running championship to escape the bombastic grenades and torpedo. Sherlock is weak in front of Moriarty and he is challenged many times. Moriarty is a good character and shows what a perfect match for Sherlock can be. Mary Watson is no longer dumb in here. She has a significant importance in the plot. Although she disappears from the movie, when Sherlock throws her from the train. Adler has a small role, but an important role. Rest all made some respectful contributions to the story. Downey is brilliant as Holmes. He is funny serious and also respectfully a perfect match for Moriarty. Jude Law is good as Watson. He is caring and also helpful. He has a more important role in the plot. Jared Harris is clever mathematician and a perfect nemesis for Holmes. The chemistry between Downey and Harris is terrific and their game of chess with one outplaying other is the best part of the movie. Guy Ritchie’s direction is more focused on the adrenaline depth. He gives a long range of gunshots and a mind blowing slow motion action scene in the forest. The train fight and also the initial fight with the road thugs shows some cleverness in the direction. The plot is not that interesting but it is more compelling to carry forward. Every time when Sherlock and Moriarty meet, we wait for an epic climax between them. Such interest is brought in by Guy Ritchie.

It is good, nicely directed with a normal plot in the lines of world war-1 with some great character depth and terrific adrenaline punch at right intervals. It ends as a high caliber entertainment. Game of shadows is a game played between two great characters of all time in fictional world. Game of Shadows is a blessing with presence of mind.

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