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This piece is certainly one that is going against the tide and up the river against the most popular and common perception that; BATTLESHIP should stay where she belongs; as scrap metal on the seabed of the North Pacific. Against all odds this movie enthusiast has seen the silver lining.

For starters Hasbro does not have the best of track records in making movies that penetrate the stubborn audience when it comes to movies related to toys. On the other hand Hasbro who has been in business as a production company since 1983 and has effectively marketed their action figures (which is their primary business) which for them  is a win-win situation. Whilst I agree G.I.JOE: THE RISE OF THE COBRA is clearly its weakest link and I am dreading G.I.JOE: RETALIATION, BATTLESHIP excels and deserve credit and requires a save line.

Having owned the game back in the day; BATTLESHIP is most certainly based on the age old board game. The concept of BATTLESHIP is director Peter Berg’s brain child himself as media speculates. Mr. Berg who was born to a navy historian has always had the passion for the mean machines in the water and what better way of extending naval warfare to an audience rather than via an age old board game we can all relate to? Especially since Micheal Bay has bagged PEARL HARBOR to his name.

Being a game of hit and miss, BATTLESHIP is a definite hit with me. Surprisingly I walked out of the theatre and could not help the female audience mutter that it was deeply emotional (Maybe I was at the movies on the day everyone loved it!). BATTLESHIP to move a female audience is not that easy? How did Peter Berg do this? This made me reflect at my whole experience during the movie. The key is the soul of the story, the story of the two brothers engrossed in a bond beyond understanding unless you do have siblings of your own, and the fact of losing a loved one in front of your eyes and without a doubt knowing that it is your fault that they are not amongst you and finally finding your true self and becoming the person you are destined to be. Taylor Kitsch isnt the ideal underdog that we see in Mickey Rouke in the magical movie THE WRESTLER, but if at all Kitsch does portray something, it is that he is the modern day egoistic underdog who has no faith in himself. The full circle he plays, from stealing burritos, to falling on his face off the roof, to being kicked in his face, to being carelessly getting into brawls in the navy that which gets him discharged from the navy, and to then end up becoming the man who everyone looks for guidance at the neediest hour. If that isn’t character development what could be more detailed? If I am to pick a favorite it would certainly be Peter Bergs 2nd man Alexander Skarsgard; our fearsome vampire sheriff aka Eric Northman from TRUE BLOOD. Short-lived on screen but very powerful, his contribution is what kick starts when the Aliens bring down all hell on Commander Stone Hoppers USS Sampson and sinks her. Whilst the legend Liam Neeson is on board the Berg production he is taking a back seat letting the little boys play; after all it is based on a board game! Do not underestimate his awesomeness is all that I will say.

Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) who tries to impress Sam (Brooklyn Decker) on his birthday after his umpteenth beer finds himself face first at Sam’s feet being tasered by the police in front of his brother; Commander Stone Hopper(Alexander Skarsgard). The obstinate younger brother is set straight and is thrown into the navy to teach him a lesson of discipline and humility. The year 2012 shows us an almost refined Lieutenant Alex Hopper who is now the Tactical Actions Officer onboard the USS John Paul Jones destroyer. Meanwhile education at its optimum has pushed the brains of NASA scientists to send a signal into space based on a doubt of possible life on a planet that has similar characteristics as earth. When humans kill each other and creating WMDs is actually almost an industry of its own why would they think an alien race would be non-hostile? NASA gets a reply on the very day the US Navy is carrying out its RIMPAC (RIM OF PACIFIC) multinational naval exercise. The reply isn’t a somber alien like PAUL. Instead it is the ultimate Decepticon look alike. With fire power in it to annihilate the earth, all that stands between it and mankind are the brave sailors at sea.

This isn’t TRANSFORMERS 4: AQUA ATTACK, whilst the aliens look awfully close to the Decepticons in TRANSFORMERS and the aliens in THE AVENGERS, they are a breed of its own. Whilst BATTLESHIP is not performing on par with major hits as TRANSFORMERS and the massive hit THE AVENGERS at the box office, she is a great production with a soundtrack that will put you right in the driver’s seat.

I am impatiently waiting for the Blu- Ray release and I will place it right beside PEARL HARBOR!









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