Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-Review

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-Review

            While conducting business in India, Indiana Jones’ path (Harrison Ford) is sidetracked when the leader of a poverty village asks him to recover a sacred and mystical stone that was stolen. As soon as the stone was taken, their crops died and water depleted along with their children taken as slaves. Rushing along with his mini-sidekick, Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) and singer, Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw), they stumble into a cult who uses the stone as a power source for their evil god. Surrounding by devoted followers who throws sacrifices into a pit of fire, how will Jones get the stone?




            Well, I liked this film but not better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. Right from the beginning was a long scene of clumsy action. It was so annoying watching someone drop an item in a crowded room and another person continues to fall over empty space to get it. Every time someone in the scurrying crowd- that took forever to clear out because it was like they were running in circles-kicked the bottle, I kept yelling for Jones to stop playing around and just grab it already. That type of old school suspense is quite annoying but again it is old school so all is forgiven. I didn’t like how the romance level was increased from part one, which brought about dull moments and I was ready to let my eye fall heavy until an assassin comes after Jones and I’m back in. Of course, Short Round made the movie. He is a great sidekick and very loyal to Jones. My favorite quote is right after anyone calls Jones, Indiana; he fires at them with, “You call him Doctor Jones!” So cute. Also I love how his character is so brave and fearless. Short Round is less than five feet but he goes head-on with six feet men without blinking twice. Although, I do like this film there are a lot of scenes that took just too long to finish. For instance, when Jones’s mind is in zombie mode, it takes forever for Short Round to snap him out of it and to free Willie (classic damsel in distress moment). I did not care for the music; it was very distracting and unlike part one. In part one, when the theme song starts to play, I know that Jones is about to do something smart and cool to get out of a tight situation. But in this film, the song just didn’t want to go off and it kept getting louder and louder. I thought the script was pretty weak and the acting not as good as part one. All in all, I like this film but will not see it again. Rating: 3 stars

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