Kick-Ass (2010)

Well it’s never good for anything to be clichéd, but to hell with it; Kick-Ass is simply kick-ass. Every single aspect of it is just so much fun and this is one of the best times I’ve had the movies, so much that I saw it again. Yes, I’ve already have viewed Kick-Ass twice in theaters, and plan to see it even more. I am by no means a fan boy or a geek but just simply like a well-made fun movie.


I talked to a guy about this movie who claimed true critics only like smart intelligent movies that test your wits, I corrected him. Movies should be fun and entertaining if that’s what they’re going for. I love a good drama, but it’s refreshing to see a smart, original, and probably the best superhero movie, well, ever! Yes that’s a bold statement but I plan to stand by it, for I love Kick-Ass.


Kick-Ass is about Dave Lizewski (played with great charm by Aaron Johnson) who is a nerdy comic geek who decides to become a real superhero. He tries being a hero once and gets very badly injured ending him in a hospital, but once out he goes back on the streets and ends up being the #1 internet sensation. A guy recorded Dave fighting 3 other men. The name of Lizewski’s alter ego is Kick-Ass. Dave’s heroic act inspires others to be heroes (Nicholas Cage, Chloe Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But what would any Superhero movie be without a bad guy (Mark Strong), who Nicholas Cage and his daughter (Chloe Moretz) have a personal grudge against. From there we get a hilarious non-stop thrill ride full of entertainment, swearing, and bloody-sweet violence.


The movie was fantastically directed by Matthew Vaughn. His two previous works were Layer Cake (2004), and Stardust (2007) both which I haven’t seen, but now plan to. So I’m not sure how this compares to his other works as far as direction or quality but now my bar is set high. He was clearly the perfect choice for this movie because he handled it with great care, and integrity. You can tell just from watching this that Vaughn is a comic book geek himself and had a vision that he perfectly translates onto the screen.


He does traditional work that is in Superhero movies, but he also adds a certain touch of stylish flavor to the mix. Specifically one scene that involves Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz’s superhero persona) fighting a bunch of guys while there are no lights (at least that’s how it starts). First the scene starts with a first person view with night vision goggles, and as it goes on it only gets better. There is specifically one part where there is a flashing, almost strobe light, light flashing and she runs in slow motion the scene is basically in black and white except for fire. That may not make a ton of sense but it doesn’t have to, all I must say is that it was a beautiful blend of colors that was perfectly executed because of the direction. The film never really falls to clichés, and stays stylish the entire movie, it runs in the vein of

City (2005) (because it’s very stylish).


The cast is fantastic and it’s a blend of well known actors, unknown actors, and some that fall in-between. Aaron Johnson is more of the unknown; I had never heard of him before this and am glad that he took this role. He was the perfect candidate, clearly he is a geek like the character, plus he has some irresistible charm, even though at times it shouldn’t work. He does what the usual superhero geek does, starts with a narration about himself, but his voice just fits the part so it still is fresh in a way. Nicholas Cage really let’s go in this one and you can tell he is just having a good time. He isn’t his usual self and is really funny and just enjoyable. He was fantastic in last years Bad Lieutenant, but plays a completely different character, and well for that matter.  Mark Strong does great in a clichéd role as the main bad guy. Mark Strong has been around a lot, most recently as the bad guy in Sherlock Holmes. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who I am a fan of, doesn’t do anything memorable. He really just kinda annoyed me, and wasn’t funny like he usually is like in Superbad (2007) or Role Models (2008).


But the true show-stopper and star-maker here is Chloe Moretz she plays an 11-13-year-old killing machine that swears like a sailor. She definitely is what makes the movie as great as it is! Every little thing she does is entertaining or funny. She also is just very charismatic and charming. She is definitely a star born young and she is now going to get flooded with roles no doubt. Many critics have said it’s wrong for a little girl to do the things she does, but it’s a satire on life basically of life, and it’s a kick to the face at how unconventional it is that a little girl does these things.


The script was written [masterfully] by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn. I have not read the comic but I hear it stays pretty true to the movie, but regardless this is pure gold. The script cleverly blends violent action, humor, intensity, romance, even drama, with a little but of satire. It has literally everything you could want from a movie and it’s entertaining as hell. This is a perfect movie, and it does what it promises, entertains! Don’t go in expecting an Oscar winner (though I think it should deserve some awards, haha) but expect a kick-ass time!


This is most definitely the best movie so far this year, and is going to be very hard to beat. This is also one of my favorite movies ever! It’s not too high on my list but it cracked my top 50, now I don’t expect everyone to like it as much as I, but I was so entertained and fell in love that I could watch it a 100 times and not be bored. This is fun, and everyone should definitely see it!


***** (out of *****); See It

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