Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Rhyming Review For ‘The Sitter’

Rhyming Review For ‘The Sitter’

Jonah Hill plays a reluctant babysitter in the crude comedy ‘The Sitter’

He’s not in school, doesn’t work and could be called a slacker or a quitter

To help his mom out he agrees to babysit the kids of one of her friends

It’s a very formulaic plot and it’s no real surprise how this story ends

The kids have little problems and he helps them out by giving them advice

He takes them on an errand for his girlfriend although she’s not very nice

Of course things don’t go as planned and they end up in places that are bad

An incident with a crazy drug dealer makes the drug dealer very mad

All of the action takes place in one night as the group goes into the city

There are explosions, fist fights and theft and language that’s not very pretty

There are many similarities to ‘Adventures In Babysitting’ you’d have to agree

Due to some rude, crude subject matter it deserves it’s R-rating most definitely

This film is ok, and if you’re a Jonah Hill fan, it’s probably worth checking out

It’s very short and won’t waste too much of your time if you having any doubt

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