“Trapped in Paradise” stars Nicholas Cage, Jon Lovits and Dana Carvey. This is an average comedy that could have been better if it wasn’t so predictable. The film takes place on Christmas Eve in the snowy town of Paradise, Pennsylvania.

Bill Firpo (Nicholas Cage) has the gene of a thief in him but has been trying his best to stay out of trouble. He soon finds out that his brothers, played by Jon Lovits and Dana Carvey, are getting out of jail on parole and have the brilliant plan to rob a small town bank. After being convinced that this is his only way to beating his problems, he agrees to rob the poorly guarded bank of Paradise, Pennsylvania. The gang of thieves get smothered by the town’s sweetness and find out how hard it is to take loot from such nice people.

Some funny moments doesn’t make up for how ridiculously stupid the movie really is. Nicholas Cage is a man with a decent life, yet he still decides to rob a bank? The concept of the town smothering them in kindness did make me smile. It was an entertaining film, but I could predict just about every event that was going to take place. Jon Lovits was the funny man of the three, Nicolas Cage seemed to be uncomfortable on screen and I found Dana Carvey to be very annoying.

The pesty mother of the Firpo brother’s, played by Florance Stanley, managed to make me laugh. I couldn’t help but linger on the flaws scattered through the film. It’s too bad that this movie could have been funny if it were in the right hands. Director George Gallo fails on his part to write and direct a funny little comedy.

This virtually unseen Nicholas Cage comedy has been overlooked for a reason. The comedy is dull at times, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh. The big problem is that most of the laughs weren’t because it was funny, but because of how ludicrous the concept is. Having said that, it is worth watching on television for free if it is ever aired.