Ex-Marine and government security contractor, Mallory Kane (Gina Carano), is sent on a special op mission with a small team to rescue a Chinese journalist. Shortly after, the journalist is found dead and Mallory is framed as the murderer and branded a terrorist by the government agency she works for. Now every skilled contractor is hunting her and Kane must fight her way to the truth while also staying alive. Will she find out who the co prêt is?


 Other actors in the film: Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Dennis Quaid





             There is a reason why I didn’t go to the theaters to watch this film. Upon viewing the trailer, I thought this was a lame attempt to bring in an Angelina Jolie poser action hero. I must say that I was wrong because after watching the movie, it was so much worst. First off, I knew that this was Carano’s first movie and that she didn’t have acting training but I didn’t expect to see the evidence on film. There are plenty of first time actors, some with none to limited training, performed better such as Michelle Rodriguez whose first movie was Girlfight. Mind you, it was not the best film in my eyes but she played a good role for someone without training and just starting out. Michelle would have been a perfect cast for Haywire; she’s awesome. Back to the movie, not only was Carano’s performance bad but all of the A and B list actors were just as worst. I’m surprised so many played in it. At least when an actor’s performance is not up to par, the others can pick up the slack but their acting were just as dirt-scrapping off a boot as Carano’s. Very disappointing. Next is the sound. Mind you I do love it when- those select film brave enough to do it- take out all of the background soundtrack and the sound effects from the fight scenes like punching and kicking but this film failed in that department. For one, the scenes ran too long with the characters exchanging dumb looks to one another in complete silent (which was distracting and annoying) and the fight scenes would have been a tiny bit better with the sound effects because the real stuff still seemed staged. The only main moments there was sound was when the major key players (Douglas, Banderas, McGregor and such) were discussing plans to frame and kill Kane and during that time the music was too loud for their low voices. A horrible job from the sound and editing department. There’s a way to pull off that type of technique and a way fail miserably at it. The film that excelled in sound was Driver with Ryan Gosling, great film.  Next, are the fight scenes. While most would say that they are great scenes, I will and cannot because they looked like she was auditioning to be an MMA fighter. Sure she is one in real life and it seems like the movie was made only to show her skills on screen. When it comes to high-power action films, I do not mind limited plot as long as I am entertained by the action but for this I was utterly bored and annoyed that this film actually went to theaters. Next, the script was horrible as well. I don’t know if I should blame the director or writer or both but the lines were poor and poorly delivered. I often lost concentration because for one whenever someone spoke, it seemed like a whisper over the annoying music and the lines did not tie together easily. In the beginning of the film after the five minute lame-trying-too-hard fight scene, the shot goes into the flashback and stays there way past due. I do not need to watch 85% of film to know how and why Kane was framed. All in all, I believe this to be the worst film of this year and will never watch it again. Rating: half a star!

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