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Cabin in the Woods-Review

            So, this is part of my review where I tell you what the film is about and then my thoughts. Well, just like this film’s trailers that are leaving out most of the information of what it is about, I have to do the same. And maybe my review will not convince you to see it or not but I would rather leave the shock of viewing how different this film is from what you expect, to you. I say this because one small bit of information will ruin it for you. This is a unique type of film where you have to see it to understand what I mean. All I can give is that five college students are vacationing at a secluded cabin in the woods. Starting off to a great night with partying and drinking, unexpected “guests” arrive and the running, slashing and screaming begins.




            Awesome and unexpected are the words to sum up this film. I was just talking to a friend about a summer movie coming out this year and how I don’t expect it to be mind-blowing because most hero action films are so predictable. I told my friend that just because a film is suppose and expected to be a certain way doesn’t mean it has to. Cabin in the Woods is a perfect example. I wasn’t rushing to see this movie because I expected to see young hot kids partying on vacation and then a killer shows up take them out one by one. I am so happy to say that I was wrong. Again, I really don’t want to give away not one piece of information for fear it might ruin your watching experience. So, I will say that this film has a different way of making the campers suffer and it involves the supernatural. Also that I love how original it is and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time thinking this is amazing. This film is far from being predictable, I didn’t know what will happen next; even the end was a total shock to me. Most horror films don’t allow you to think about the plot because the focus stays on the different ways the characters die but in this film you have to think and concentrate on the movie’s motive and the message they are sending to the audience. All in all, I cannot wait until to buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray. Rating: 5 stars for originality.

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  1. I agree, best 85 minutes I’ve spent watching this sub-genre of horror in a long time.I’m actually not sure i can say it was a genre, more like a melting pot of horror-flicks past,there’s something in this one for scare fans of all types. Thumbs up!

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