The Sitter-Review

            Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) has been suspended from college and is now living on the couch of his mother’s home. Several times, his mother has told him to get a job but he keeps brushing it off. It is not until the night that his mother is set up on a date but has to cancel because of her friend’s babysitting issue, that Noah is pushed to do the job. Upon arriving at the house, Noah sees that he has his work cut out for him and a long night ahead. The eldest son has anxiety issues and must stay medicated, the daughter is desperate to be a celebrity and talks in slang while constantly applying makeup and the adopted son is a scary loner who likes to put cherry bombs in public toilets. Noah gets a call from his girlfriend that she was to take their relationship to the next level but must pick up something illegal on the way to see her at a party. Rushing the children into the min-van, Noah goes to pick up the package and finds out that his life is instantly danger when the adopted son steals something from the dealer. Noah is pressured to meet his girlfriend with the package, escape the angry dealer and get the children home before the parents arrive.



            So, yet again, we have the heavily-bodied set male who is a loser in life trying to be something. I must say that this scenario is a little old but Jonah brings something else to the table to change it. Sure he is sad that he can’t go back to college and has to live with his mother but he shows a big heart when he takes the babysitting job so his mother can go out on a date and shows a lot of courage when he protects the children in several dangerous situations. The opening was a funny beginning to show how his life is slowly spiraling downhill when his “girlfriend” only needs him to do one act for her whenever she calls and tells him to leave afterward. J.B. Smoove plays Julio, who works for the dealer. I have always been a fan of his on-camera presence and performance. He’s so funny with his crazy facial expressions, his always-shocked-something-happened tone and his panic frenzies. It gets me every time. The children were cute and funny, especially the little girl who really wants to be cool and famous like the reality stars she sees on TV. Although this film is similar to the 1987 film Adventures in babysitting, I like that it is also very different because of the modern aspects it brings. This is not a film for the family but a nice film for just lounging around and wanting to see something funny. All in all, I will see this film again.

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