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What’s Your Favorite Movie?


I would like to know what everyone’s favorite movie is! Please post the comment, and I shall later post the movie that people have put the most in a later post.

Anything from a Clockwork Orange to Requiem for a Dream to Avatar to the Boondock Saints. No one will judge you, but will only look into the films you list. Get going!

88 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Movie?”

  1. Thats a good question J.C.. I had to think hard about this one cause I’ve seen some excellent movies in my time. But when it came down to it I would have to say that “The Matrix” wins hands down because of it’s ability to make people think outside of the box to come up with their own conclusions of what he or she thought the movie was truly about. The real beauty of this was that no matter what a person thought the movie was about…that person’s conclusion of what “The Matrix” is was inevitably correct!!! Why? Cause there is no wrong answer to the question that everyone wants to answer, “Just what is the Matrix?” That in my opinion is pure genius on the Wachowski brothers behalf!!!

  2. I pull Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather, and Citizen Kane out every now again, and when I watch them I am just as fascinated with these films as I was the first time I saw them. On a less artistic note, and because of the impact it had on me as a kid, I would still rate Star Wars pretty high on my list.

  3. oh goodness so many to think of. This is very difficult.
    I’ll name a few of my top favs.

    Lost and Delirious
    The Safety of Objects
    Finding Neverland
    The Departed
    Lucky Number Slevin
    Prozac Nation

    I have many manyyyyy more. But this is extremely difficult!

  4. Pulp Fiction
    Boondock Saints
    The Departed
    The Last Samurai
    Fullmetal Jacket

    Over all, Pulp Fiction is one I can recite line for line.

  5. really? I didn’t think that Citizen Kane was a very good movie, but it did have a lot of impact on cinema, kind of like my feelings on There Will Be Blood. Thanks for the vote, though.

  6. Orson Welles was in his early to mid 20’s when when he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the film. After going to Hearst Castle in the mid 1980s and saw what kind of man he was “spoofing” William Randolf Hearst, I started really examining Welles career. The story is somewhat intricate, yet in the early forties, this film style was somewhat revolutionary in its ignorance. Welles used bizzaro camera angles that Hitchcock used later. Welles aged from a young man to a very old man throughout the movie. So I thought the make-up was exceptional. I think the news-reel clips used in the film, were interesting, and a reminder that when you went to a film you also get information rather than just more advertisements trying to sell me something more at the movie. In general Orson Welles had the balls to do what he did at so young of an age. Maybe I will try to write up the review for Citizen Kane when I catch up with the rest of the reviews I am still writing. Take care J.C.

  7. Citizen Kane hands down in every single fashion. If you don’t like Citizen Kane you don’t appreciate the best film ever made and there really isn’t a film that can stand up to it. It is the measuring stick for which every film should be compared. I respect your choice to not like it, but to say it wasn’t very good and anything less than one of the greatest films of all time is absurb and ignorant of all the aspects that make a film great. Hopefully this doesn’t start any type of argument I am just stating my opinion.

  8. Ther are so many great movies that have so many great qualities that I believe it is impossible to pinpoint one. Why is it so hard to think of some movies as being on the same level as others like Fight Club and Pulp Fiction. If I had to say one though it would be The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King. 12th highest grossing film of all time. Over 200 critic’s top ten lists and 11 Academy Awards to boot. Definitly the most visually striking movie to be filmed up to it’s point. Avatar may have trumped it since. It has a great score, great cinematagraphy, plenty of emotion, solid performances. It is epic film making at its best.

    1. my favorite movie at least one of them are: sarafina! with whoopi goldberg! it was a great film that showed good acting and great singing and the music was moving! and i really enjoyed it! it showed courage from these great africans who fought for their rights and for their freedom! it was very inspiring! and encouraged me to stand up for what’s right! and go against all kinds of racism! and whoopi was very good in it! and the star actress who played sarafina! it is worth watching over and over again!

    1. i cant say just one but one of my favorite movies is: SARAFINA great movie about great Africans who just want to be treated right like human beings and fight for their rights and for freedom! and for justice to be done against those who were corrupt and racist! it was moving and inspiring! and the music and singing is so good and unforgettable! and Whoopi Goldberg as one of the main stars was great in it! good to see over and over!

  9. my favorites would be :
    almost famous
    monalisa smile
    and i would vote departed and LOTR…..sry bt citizen kane is not the one.
    J.C. wht do you thnk abt thm..

  10. all good choices. Good list, dishant. And Godfather, I think you made a wise decision by dropping the Godfather off of your list… though it was indeed a great movie. Braveheart and Titanic are both great movies.

  11. I also can’t believe that no one else put Forrest Gump in their top favorite movies, but I guess no one likes a near-perfect movie with some of the best acting writing and music ever, right?

  12. To be honest, I get asked this a lot, and can never really answer properly. On IMDB, there are currently 37 movies that I have given 10/10, though some of those may need to be revised. Here are some of those that never waver as being right at the top:
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Apocalypse Now
    Blade Runner
    Full Metal Jacket
    The Conversation
    The Godfather
    The Others
    The Terminator
    The Thin Red Line
    There Will Be Blood

    For now, you can take “The Conversation” to be my top pick.

  13. Ooooh, and “Batman”, Burton’s masterpiece in the superhero genre with Keaton and Nicholson. Looking yesterday, I cannot believe that no-one has reviewed this film on this site yet. I’m new to the reviewing gig, so I’ll have to put some effort in, but expect a glowing and detailed review of the best Batman movie of them all real soon, folks!

  14. Good list. I have never actually seen the conversation, so I’ll get on that immediately. The original Batman was very good… though I wouldn’t say it is the best. To me Batman Begins takes the cake on that.

  15. Though I did like “Batman Begins”, not least for using some unconventional Batman bad-guys (particularly Raz al G’ul who I never expected to turn up in one of the features), I didn’t like the Orientalism added to the plot – I’d rather see Batman learn how to fight in the West fighting thugs than in a mystical dojo. Also, I really don’t like Bale’s depiction of Batman or Bruce Wayne. “The Dark Knight” was better, though Bale was still bad. That was definitely my number 2 pick as far as Batman movies go, but Burton’s original tops it for dialogue, performances, and plot.

  16. Well, I’ll give you the fact that Bale isn’t a good Batman, and the orient normally shows up in a Nolan film (though I don’t know why). So good movie picks, Mike, and I look forward to your Batman review.

  17. My favourite would be “American History X”. controversial and brilliantly acted. The movie Edward Norton became a star, in my humble opinion.

  18. I think that The Fountain was really a fail on Aronofsky’s part because though musically and visually it is amazing, the plot was missing and the acting was hit-or-miss. The Constant Gardener was good but number 1 really? Till Human Voices Wake Us is also good, and so is A Single Man, but I just don’t think they are really top-5-worthy. American Beauty is amazing, I’ll give you that one.

  19. I know that the majority of audiences, including Aronofsky fans, did not understand The Fountain, but that DOES NOT mean that the plot was missing!!!! Perhaps you ought to pick up the graphic novel that Aronofsky wrote when he was originally told he wouldn’t be able to make the movie… And Weisz and Jackman are in peak form, in my opinion, during the film. There was so much complexity in every aspect of this film, and Aronofsky was so careful to pay attention to every minute detail. Everything about this film was just beautiful and astounding. It’s really such a shame that so many people can’t appreciate that… Perhaps when his recut of the film is released audiences will better understand…
    As for The Constant Gardener, it took a couple of watches for me to realize how fantastic this movie truly is, but I grew to appreciate the acting, cinematography, script, direction, and soundtrack SO much that it completely won me over. It is extremely powerful and emotive, and although it deals with some very heavy issues, it is still elegant and exqusite to watch. The locations chosen to film this movie were just perfect, making the setting itself an extremely important character. This, and The Fountain, really, hold not just a high level of cinematic quality but (and yes, I know there are books of each) literary as well. Each film is like a truly great piece of literature and in my opinion a masterpiece. Gorgeous. And totally under-appreciated.
    Till Human Voices Wake Us shows the power that a small budget independent film can still have. The acting was incredible, and, although it was low budget, it still looked like a big budget film, which speaks to the quality of the director and cinematographer. So rare, in my opinion, and the movie was so moving that I have to keep it in my top 5.
    Tom Ford is a fashion designer turned director, which I’m sure everyone knows. His eye for beauty in every aspect is so obvious in A Single Man, and Colin Firth was FANTASTIC in the film. You literally felt for the characters in the movie, which is something every good, quality film does. The score was excellent as well, and it really added to the film. Everything was perfect, especially for a completely first time director. (As we all know, most first time directors at least have shorts, commercials, or music videos under their belts. He had NONE of this, and his ONLY previous film credit was the costuming for Quantum of Solace. REMEMBER that.) It deserves high esteem and will most certainly stand the test of time in terms of becoming a classic.
    All of my top five movies have a lot of heart and are incredibly profound. They show the human condition at its most vulnerable and use every possible aspect of film to carry the movies. There is literally nothing missing from any of these films, in my opinion. They’re sad, they’re beautiful, and they stick with you. None of them are forgettable. And they can be watched over and over again without losing anything. A viewer can always find something new to appreciate about these films. Isn’t that what should determine what makes a truly great film??

  20. It’s a three-way tie between The Dark Knight, To Kill a Mockingbird and Godzilla (the 1954 one; I’m not a lunatic), all for different reasons. The Dark Knight because it’s probably the best realisation of an existing concept I’ve ever seen. To Kill a Mockingbird because I love the novel, and the film is possibly even better. Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch has to be one of the great film characters of all time. And Godzilla because I have a thing for rubber monster movies, and this remains the best one; scary, dramatic, well-shot and with a wholesome anti-nuclear message that avoids getting too preachy.

  21. good approach on it, I agree on the first two, but Godzilla just didn’t do it for me. I enjoyed it because it was stellar for an early monster movie, but it was still too cheesy (I did, after all, grow up in the 90’s so I am used to higher quality filming). Thanks for the comment.

  22. I think the obvious answer is Tarantino’s classic Reservoir Dogs.
    And maybe Kubrick’s The Shining.

  23. yeah, that’d probably work, Adamas. Mask, yes, those are all amazing movies, I love David Fincher and most of Kubrick’s stuff. I loved Reservoir Dogs. and to comment to hennessy, very true, and it is to the eye of the beholder, as well. A piece of shit to some is gold to others. I agree, the Fountain was difficult to understand for many, including me, but there WAS a plot, even if it was difficult to find. I need to read the graphic novel, I guess. I liked the Constant Gardner, don’t get me wrong, but Mierelles’ (excuse the spelling if its wrong) best film is without a doubt City of God (in my opinion). Tom Ford, indeed, accomplished quite a feat with this movie, A Single Man, and Colin Firth did well, but I think that this movie is a case where the background of the people involved with the movie catapults the movie’s ability above where it would naturally be. The movie itself was not too fantastic, but it certainly earned its Oscar nomination. BTW, yes, the Fountain’s score was UNGODLY! Amazing. I digress.
    Til Human Voices Wake Us had good acting, but the thing about it was that the film’s substance was kind of missing. I think that if they put more… umph… into the movie (ergo things happening, plot elements, twists and turns), the film would simply be a classic. And lastly, yes, that is what makes a truly great film, which is why its great, because we all have different opinions, and get to have a “my [blank] is bigger than yours” kind of conversation. I am often compelled to step up for my favorite movies, and to down the ones that try to make mine look bad, though they fail miserably. Now, isn’t THAT what makes a film the best?

  24. My favorite movie…. i would probably have to Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead mans chest or First Wives Club. Very different but both great movies!

  25. I loved La haine. Good will hunting is up there. Sin City still entertaines me after multiple viewings. True Romance has to be brought up, class acting from all involved with the Walken Hopper scene still one of my faves

  26. Raiders of the Lost Arc, must have seen it 30 times at least closely followed by Brazil and Chinatown.

    I’m suprised by the ammount of mentions for The Departed surely of all the great Scorcese films that was the least inspiring? Certainly not a bad movie but nowhere near the class of Mean Streets or Taxi Driver and he only got the the Best Director Oscar because the academy were embarrassed that they hadn’t given it to him before.

  27. ok im a big film buff. I own almost 900 films, and to be honest picking a favourite is like a needle in a haystack. Depending on my mood or the festive time of the year. To be honest though i would limit that down to a top 15. many of you may disagree with my choices but at the end of the day, i could list every single favourite dvd i own lmoa but you would be sat for a while viewing :D i will put reasons for as well :D there are 5 films i cannot watch anymore due to me still weeping or because they make me mad. these will list at the bottom :(

    1* Monty Pythons life of brian- as a big fan of comedy, my grandad was the one who first put this on and i immediatly fell in love with it. It was outragous and so funny it was unbelievable. This is one of my all time favourite comedies and would be on both international comedy top 10 and british top 10.

    2* Zulu- 1 of the best war films of its era. Again watched this thanks to my grandad and it is such a good film on truth and fact. It shows you the best of british army in that 100 engeneers defended an outpost of over 3000 zulus. well scripted and it really is a good film which you cant be bored of.

    3* Harry Potter- many may question this choice but i grew up amongst harry potter, as in read the books, and being the same age as they are in the book means each year at there ‘school’ is kool. There is somthing about it that i love and especially the order of the phoenix moment where sirius is killed by belatrix or the part where everyone is lifting the wands for dumbledore in the half blood prince it does swell up the emotion. Even in part one of deathly hallows at the death of dobbey that is probably the sadest moment of the whole story. It made me weep in the book and it did the same on the film. This is a child hood favourite which i enjoy to watch again and again.

    4* Home alone- once again a comedy, but this time a family comedy. This is a brilliant film and probably the best one macauly culkin did. This i watch every christmas and sometimes in the year as it is such a great film. To be honest the music is by john williams and the film is a columbus film which is amazing. Home alone is amazing and special to me.

    5* American Pie- Once again back on to comedy with american pie, people say they have made so many (7) but to be honest they are all humourous. Ok there getting duller towards the other end of the stifler spectrem. But with the new one being made, the re-union which is basically number 4 after wedding where all the origional cast are back for the birth of michelles child. Should be brilliant and i always love to watch american pie for the humour. Book of love was a let down but still the magic is always there with the origionals. In fact it is one of my favourites just because the budget they had to work on in order to make it a success is unbelievable.

    6* Die Hard- now on to one of the best action quadrilogy’s of all time. Willis as the john Mclane kick ass cop from new york is absolutly brilliant. My favourites in particular are 1,2 and 4. but the whole character and plot list is brilliant and the special effects are brilliant also. Die hard always is good to watch as it never gets old.

    7* Independance Day- This film is one of the best films still in the sci-fi genre. With an amazing cast and brilliant part played by non other then will smith, it is absolutly spot on. the special effects are out of this world and match special effects available now to films. I watched when it hit the box office and it was truly magnificent.

    8* Stargate- Another one of the same/similar era,the sci-fi stargate is on my favourites list because it was able to be replicated and thus a series sprung which is my favourite series of anything since i watched the origional doctor who’s. Kurt russel and james spader played brilliant roles in this and it is a very good film. Really good film.

    9* Robin Hood the prince of thieves- the version i like is this one over all others. With kevin costner and morgan freeman making this by far the best ever version of robin hood. It is amazing. the battle scenes are brilliant, the acting is also good, with a strong and good story line.

    10* Gladiator- This is by far russel crowes best film. This film is spot on. I loved evey part of it and love to watch it again and again. As far as it being crowes best film it is also joquin phoenix best film also. a great storyline and immense action a must see for any film lover.

    11* Lord of the Rings- Lord of the rings is fantastic. I went to the cinema to watch all of them aswell as owning the extended versions of each. Now when the third has been released as exteneded my local cinema put all 3 extended versions on in a private 1 day showing, which i was extremly lucky to win a ticket too. It was absolutly amazing. My ticket enabled me to free icecream (thearte stile) and there was a brief pause for toilet breaks and refreshments. This was one screen and it lasted a long time haha but i love these films. asolutly brilliant.

    12* Beverly Hills Cop- this is a action with a measurement of comedy in there. It is a great family film or cool film to watch. Eddie murphy depicts this role with a very strong performance and it is absolutly brilliant. The 3rd one is not as good however and they are currently in production for a 4th which should be good with eddie murphy starring the infamous axel foley.

    13* The Patriot- A war film which it based on the battle for independance of america is a truly amazing film. mel gibson plays the part great and the action in it is truly mind blowing. with a score by john williams to accompany the movie that also says a lot as every film john williams writes for is excellent. This is why he is my favourite film composer. But if you havn’t then you should watch this film.

    14* Saving Private Ryan- tom hanks plays the role of a world war 2 soldier in which he is in charge of a rag tide hardened team of soldiers. There orders are to save the last son of a mother in grief over the death of all her other sons whilst on active duty. With other actors such as vin diesel, it is truly an inspirational story based on truth.

    Down to the last one :( and i can still think of 50 films i could put on this list :((((( oh well this is one of my favourites so i shall add it on the end :D

    15* Hot Fuzz- simon Pegg and nick frost star in this total bizzarre thriller comedy. BAsed in gloucester and at the local police force is absolutly useless this film is absolutly funny as anything. It will have you in funny tears everytime you watch this. brilliant.

    top 5 most films to avoid for crying or getting angry!

    1* The elephant Man- when i watched this film it made me so angry i put my fist throught the door, and i ripped off the door frame. It made me so angry. I have never watched a film which has made me go so mental in real life then this one. it is also one of the saddest films i know of due to its way of looking on a poor disfigured man. Avoid if you can or if not please do watch in a safe room.

    2* Bambi- Bambi always gets to me, it is one of 2 disney movies which really make me weep. This is why i avoid it like the plague.

    3* Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1- when dobbey dies in the manner depicted in the film and the fact nobody does anything to help harry save him is a defining moment in the film. as one of the most memorable and favourite characters die, you also feel the emotions of all the other dear freinds or family harry has lost as you see sirius, hedwig, dumbledore and dobbey die all as you view the death of dobbey scene.

    4* The lion King- this is the other disney film which makes me cry. When scar doesnt save symbas dad and he gets trampled to death. the other being when symbas dad appears in the sky.

    5* A.I. this film i have watched once. I couldnt watch it more then once. There is a stage in the film where it is just impossible not to weep. We sat and watched it as a family when it first came out and we was all in tears. when i went to school i found out i wasnt the only one. avoid.

    thankyou :D hope you dont mind me taking up an hour of your time :D

  28. Ah yes the favorite movie thread. Hi there. I really don’t want to pick just one for obvious reasons. I could easily list perhaps 30, but I’m proud to be able to narrow it down to 6 movies. I’m new and am going to eventually review these obscenely thoroughly. This list, along with my other mentions, keeps on shifting over and over again as to which one is my favorite, but for now I’m going to go with:

    1) Leon The Professional

    2) Donnie Darko (both cuts have their strengths)
    3) Casshern (Japanese version/NOT American “Director’s Cut”
    4) Memento Mori
    5) Audition
    6) Mulholland Drive

    (More than very honorable mentions: Fight Club, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, LA Confidential, The Departed, Vertigo, There will be Blood, Heat)

    Hmmm… Where is the common thread? There’s more to this, but simply put: I’d say that I’m most intrigued by films that manage to be both intensely sensitive and marvelously brutal.

  29. Yeah, all of the movies in your list have brutal aspects, be them sexual (Mulholland Drive), psychological (Memento, Donnie Darko) or just violently (Audition, Casshern). Leon the Professional was a good movie, Jean Reno had a fantastic role. Have you seen Ronin? Its like a French-infused Heat.

  30. Anything directed by Christopher Nolan. I would have to go with either Inception or The Prestige.

  31. I’ve meant to see Ronin for some time now, but haven’t gotten the chance. I watched the trailer just now, and will likely queue it up on Netflix soon. A quick clarification: Memento is my favorite film by Christopher Nolan, and is in my top 15-20, but the Korean film Memento Mori (1999) is in my top 6 as of now. I’m in the process of writing a very long 1st review for it since it’s lesser known.

    J.C. Simpson, let me ask you something. I know we’re only instructed to write 600-700 words for reviews, but I’m seriously considering writing in depth 4 page long ones at times. I don’t want to give a detailed synopsis in the initial review, nor my analysis of the character’s motives or all major themes of the story, because that sucks the fun out of enjoying a film for the first time. So I’m also thinking about occasionally writing 2nd part reviews that are to be read after the film, because the significance of my favorite films are all too often misinterpreted, misunderstood, or under-appreciated. You could easily see that to be the case with Mulholland Drive. All of the clues, details, and lies are fun to analyze and put together. I strongly believe that Muholland Drive can only be interpreted one way despite it’s often “left-open-to-interpretation” label as well as other David Lynch films. In fact besides Leon the Professional, my other top five are all mistakenly labeled this way. Since, I’m new here and to feedback, does that sound like something that you would be interested in reading?
    I’m wondering if most people have the patience for a larger sized review. I would think so. I am definitely aware of quality over quantity, but I want to analyze films with in-depth intent. Check this out: When I read Robin Wood’s detailed article that compares massive similarities of Hitchcock’s Vertigo with Audition, I was immediately excited to finally take a crack at reviewing movies the way that I want to. Although I’ve written about 57 smaller reviews on Netflix, I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a critic for the last 2 years. Here’s Robin Wood’s article. It’s fairly fascinating: Hope, I haven’t take too much of your time.

  32. @ Devon: Hell yeah. @ Micah: Oh, I thought you were talking about Memento, not Memento Mori, my bad. I have seen Mori, and thought it was great. I think that it had some great acting and some better writing than most of the Asian horror films of the past few years. In digression, that would absolutely be something interesting. I’m always looking forward to reading some new reviews, be them straight-to-the-point interests (from friends-to-the-site Robert Barbere or Michael Esser), rhyming or something rather (Jay Cohen) or something new and interesting that may fuse a preview with a review. Sounds fun. And dude, I’m a 16 year old that goes to a Georgia high school and has no job. I have all the time in the world to hear a fellow critic’s exciting plans.

  33. Cool man. Seems like you’ve seen a good amount of movies for your age. I’m jealous of you. I wish I had more time and no job too (unless it was to write movie reviews). I’ve written my first review, but it’s so damn long, I feel like I’ve got to trim some stuff down. Maybe I should just post it and see what feedback I get. If people don’t like it, it’s only my 1st review, right?

    Not only that but the whole reason I started it was that I wanted to discuss major events and the ending in a similar fashion as the Robin Wood article I posted. I’ll probably have to write it as a different article with spoiler warnings.

  34. Well, if you want to make an article that says WARNING: SPOILERS, that’ll work, because only people who’d seen it would probably look into it. But put your article out there and I’m sure you’ll get positive feedback. If not, then back to the drawing board. I’ll certainly read it, though. And don’t be jealous, my love for movies can make my intelligence and knowledge of them awkward socially. It is more of a curse, if you will. But I hope to pursue film in my life, so it is a good thing in the long run.

  35. My top 5 are:

    1. The Godfather Part I
    2. The Apartment
    3. Casablanca
    4. The Godfather Part II
    5. Goodfellas

  36. Sweet Christ this is hard. But if a gun was to my head and I could only have one film to watch repeatedly for the end of my days, it would be
    Rounding out the top 6 is: Moulin Rouge, Jurassic Park, Contact, The Green Mile, Bridget Jones Diary.

  37. My Top 5

    1. Spider-Man 2
    2. Ed Wood
    3. The Lion King
    4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    5. Fight Club

  38. Off the top of my head,

    Inception (2010)
    The Prestige (2007)
    Casino Royale (2006)
    The King’s Speech (2010)
    The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
    Dead Poet’s Society (1996)
    Takers (2010)
    World’s Fastest Indian (2005)

  39. Let’s see my favorite movie would have to be interview with the vampire. I love the actors and how they made the movie like with the different time periods an how their contacts don’t look like them

  40. The Truman Show probably stands above everything else, thanks to the clever concept, witty script and all-encompasing performance from Jim Carrey. However, I feel obliged to mention the likes of It’s a Wonderful Life, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, Donnie Darko and Up as well.

  41. Monster Squad, The lost Boys, Drop Dead Fred, Boondock Saints, Event Horizon, Willow, Star Wars ,Avatar, too many to chose just one.

  42. My favourite film is The Lion King and I ain’t ashamed to say so, that movie was my childhood and watching it today as a 19 year old I get more out of it then I did as a child. I would also throw Forrest Gump, Star Wars (the original 1977 film), The Dark Knight, Kill Bill vol 1&2 and Back to the Future into the mix

  43. The best movie I have ever seen is “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid”.
    While the film chronicles the colorful last days of the infamous title pair of Old West outlaws, it makes it clear that their kind is a rapidly dying breed. This cinematic masterpiece, released in 1969, co-stars screen legends Paul Newman and Robert Redford, and is masterfully directed by George Roy Hill. It is the gripping tale, and a remarkable character study, of two wayward yet complicated men. And it is ingeniously disguised as a Western.
    The music, composed and conducted by Burt Bacharach and featuring the classic hit song “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” performed by B.J. Thomas, is uniformly exceptional. And the fetching Katherine Ross is outstanding in a crucial supporting role.
    I have seen “Butch Cassidy” several times in the theatre, on TV and now on DVD as a permanent fixture among my personal collection. And I will enjoy it on many more occasions, including introducing it to my three sons. After all, gotta keep the fire stoked for the best!

  44. My Top 3 Favourite films of all time.
    # 1 Guy Ritchie’s Snatch
    #2 Quinten Tarantino’s Reservoir Dog’s
    # 3 Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part 1

  45. Well to name just one movie is kind of like an impossible task, equivalent to us catching up to the speed of light. To be fair, movies are quite subjective, so someone’s tastes may not be in sync with other’s. Keeping that in mind, i hereby list down the 20 movies that have had a certain impact on me over a period of time:
    (In no particular order)
    1:Jurassic Park
    2:A Separation
    3:Midnight in Paris
    4:Inglourious Basterds
    5:Rear Window
    7:Dr Strangelove
    8:Taxi Driver
    9:Big Hero 6 (soft spot)
    10:3 Idiots
    11:The Kids Are Alright
    13:21 Grams
    14:All The President’s Men
    16:The Kid
    17:Gone Baby Gone
    18:The Silence of The Lambs
    19:American Beauty
    20:The Dark Knight
    Special Mentions- The Apartment, About Elly,Rabbit Hole, Whiplash, Up, Burn After Reading, Babel, Amélie, The Darjeeling Limited, almost every Pixar film and short, Manchester By The Sea, Hannah and Her Sisters, Inception.

  46. How the hell did i forget The Shawshank Redemption, Rashomon, The Godfather Trilogy, Good Will Hunting and also A Clockwork Orange.

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