Twilight Saga :New Moon Features Stars: Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattison,Taylor Lautner,Ashley Greene,Rachelle Lefevre,Billy Burke,Peter Facinelli,Elizabeth Reaser,Nikki Reed,Kellan Lutz,Jackson Rathbone,Dakota Fanning, Anna Kendrick and Michael Sheen. This Movie Is The Second out of Four Books Series By Stephanie Meyers.It Is a Vampire Romance Set In A Small Town Called Forks.

The movie revolves around, a young girl Bella swan who has fallen in love with vampire Edward Cullen.but when an accident occurs at her birthday party,Edward tells Bella he never wants to see her again.upon this event Bella’s best friend Jacob black, steps in and makes his move on Bella.Bella then struggles with the choice of hanging onto Edward or starting a relationship with Jacob,little does she know her decision causes a stir between the werewolf world and the vampire world. throughout the movie Jacob and Bella bond, soon after she learns that he is a werewolf and werewolves and vampires do not get along putting Bella in a rut.Bella shortly decides the only way to see Edward is if she puts her self in a near death situation, this meaning she dives off a cliff.shortly after Alice visits Bella thinking she was dead.soon after Alice’s arrival,Jacob visits causing a conflict then the phone rang and Jacob picked up.seconds after picking up the phone Jacob tells the caller bella’s father charlie is planning a funeral,not knowing on the other end is Edward.after hanging up Edward decides to go to the volturi (thinking Bella is dead) asking to die as well.

The acting in this film is superb,it takes alot to relate to a book,cast the actors/actresses who fit the part and make a film as popular as the book series,which the twilight saga does.the graphics and animation are very realistic and throughout the movie series continue to better.the director of the movie Chris Weitz has an extraordinary view on the twilight world and based on this movie it has a resemblance.

The Music in Twilight Saga New Moon,is not much singing, its more along the lines of composed music, meaning its more Instrumentals then words and lyrics.the music was inspired and chosen by Alexandre Desplat.

My Overall Input,Reaction and thoughts on Twilight Saga:New Moon is if you have read the phenomenal book series you must in-fact see the movies as well Twilight and New Moon are Both available on DVD.the last two movies Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are still in production.very good quality,great cast and a great edge of your seat movie,id recommend this movie for ages 14+ up.