Embrace Of the Vampire

Who wouldn’t want to give Alyssa Milano a hug? Especially in this 1995 erotic thriller in which her boobage falls out of her blouse. Embrace of the Vampire, I’d risk becoming one of the undead to sneak a peek probably, but enough about boobies and time to talk about the movie.

Embrace of the Vampire was directed by Anne Goursaund, who would later get Milano to follow her into doing Poison Ivy 2. The story has Alyssa Milano as a young college woman being seduced by a vampire played by Martin Kemp, but is it all in her dreams or reality?

Alyssa Milano, of “Who’s The Boss?” fame in her teen years, then Melrose Place and Charmed as an adult, is easy on the eyes for sure. Her acting talents aren’t stretched too far in the piece, but worthy of a romance novel sort of character for sure. The vampire, Martin Best, looks like a man trying to do a poor Nicholas Cage impression. His voice mechanics and appearance, right down to the edges of his hairline scream: “Mistaken me for Cage and watch this movie!” However, if you do catch this movie it all goes back to the star power of Milano, which has picked up in the years since this movie was made. It also stands a one of the few records of Milano’s boobs on film; did I mention?

The plot and everything is basic late night premium channel fare, with the perfect atmosphere to be shown on Skin-emax (Cinemax). Actually, it is a bit more tame than a lot of their stuff and probably makes for an easy cable TV edit. Milano’s coming of age within her sexuality sort of exploration has her not only being wooed by a vampire, but also, a cliché’ must for all college freshman, experiencing a slight lesbian moment with a photographer. Fans of lurid romance novels and soft core erotica may find this film interesting, or they might have back when it came out; these days it is fairly boring overall.

There is some vampire sucking action, he attacks a couple of people to feed and etc, tis only natural, but horror is not the vibe that is for sure.

Embrace of the Vampire isn’t worth watching if you are just after Milano topless, check the internet. The movie is standard soft erotica with enough artistic creativity to stand shoulder to shoulder with mainstays of the genre, but not rise above as some grand master.

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