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The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying starsas well as is written by Ricky Gervais, accompanied by beautiful and talented costar, Jennifer Garner. It was released October 2nd 2009.


The Invention of Lying is about exactly that…a man that tells the very first lie. He discovers this convenient power and uses it to his total advantage. Of course testing it out here and there, a particular humorous scene; Mark (Gervais) sees an attractive woman on the street. He tells her that they must have sex or the world is going to end. She responds with shock and fear and is all too eager to save the world. Does our protagonist have a conscious?


The first time Mark discovers he can say something that isn’t true was a mistake. As many great discoveries often are. A bank teller asks him how much he wants out. He jokingly says a large amount of money and she takes him seriously and hands him the amount of money he jokingly stated. Now, I liked the way Mark discovered lying but, in this land of no lies and only truth, is there also no joking? I find it hard to believe that this has never been discovered. Was there no sarcasm either?


To begin with I really disliked The Invention of Lying. People kept saying random, inappropriate things that were on their minds. I don’t know if the writers know this but there is a big difference between telling the truth and saying everything in your head. They got this as the movie progressed. Characters finally stopped saying ridiculous…not funny things eventually. I had hopes that it was going to get better as the time went on so I didn’t turn it off. Mistake. The characters were not likable at all. It’s basically a worse off version than Pleasantville. I had a lot of hope for this movie. The previews made it look like a fun movie to watch. I did not enjoy it. It had a lot of potential and it was full of good actors, even Edward Norton made an appearance. It was a much better idea on paper than in reality.

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