Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Spanglish, Directed by James L. Brooks

Spanglish, Directed by James L. Brooks

The movie Spanglish starring the funnyman Adam Sandler, Tia Leoni, Paz Vega, and the unforgettable Cloris Leachman. This Comedy takes place in today’s upper class L.A.

 You have a mother who is making one life changing decision after another for not only herself,but for her young daughter. Starting with moving them from their native Mexico to the big yet, exciting America. Then you have an American family who’s just like any other in today’s world with problems like everyone else. A top chef dad who just wants to be the good guy with the kids but as a result, clashes with his wife’s own beliefs on parenting. A mother who pushes her daughter to be a certain way, or should I said weight. When these two worlds collide, they find themselves in even deeper issues. From learning and understanding other’s privacy and respecting it, to a little but of deception, to even some warm hearted romance. In the end, you’ll see all sides of two different cultures beliefs, loyalty, and the respect for family. No matter how corky they can be.

One thing I do want to point out right away is that I feel this was a positive change of characters for Adam Sandler. Usually you see him in a nonstop goofy, always laughing film. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is one movie of his that I don’t like. but it was very refreshing to see him in a more responsible fatherly role. He was still funny in some parts but he was also a mature man and just simply played this part beautifully. I believe this is telling his fans that he can do anything. He can be hilarious, and he can also be a serious actor.

 The supporting cast made it an even better movie. Tia Leoni was annoyingly funny. I love the actress, her character however was a little over the top in parts, but overall, her personality was a nice tie into the film. Paz Vega was very good. I don’t know alot about her but she reminded me alot of Penelope Cruz. Which can be a good thing, but if you want to be your own person, could be a not so good thing too. And then you have the amazing Cloris Leachman. I swear I smile every time I see she is in a movie. She let’s you know, no matter the age, you can still pull off a wonderful performance. I thought she was great and the fact that she was an alcoholic just made her character even better.

I feel this movie is alot different than most movies I’ve seen. When I first watched it, the feeling I got was unpredictable. And that’s a good thing because I’m really getting tired of the predictable story lines. This one always had you thinking “What’s going to happen next” and I loved that. I loved how there were many things going on but not too many to where I would get confused. I also like how this tells a story of one culture mixing in with another and how they cope. That’s everyday life now and it’s refreshing to see a movie that alot of people can relate to. Overall, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves a little bit of everything. Comedy, Romance, Family, and Culture.

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