One In The Gun

One In The Gun

Director: Rolfe Kanefsky

Cast: Steven Man (Mickey Lewis), Katherine Randolph (Katrina Webb), Steven Bauer (Arthur Webb), Stephen W. Williams (Ryan Lansing), Robert Davi (Vincent), James Russo (Jimmy), Robert Donavan (Willie), Esther Goodstein (Belle), Kristina Coolish (Eve), Dana Fares (Heather Newmark), Kika Perez (Lizzie Dark), Jennifer Pennington (Delphia Newmark)

One In The Gun is a noir-style film that focuses on Mickey Lewis and the tangled web of of his past, present, and future. When he is hired as a house painter by the wife of a rich businessman, Mickey discovers that even he is not immune to the lies and deceit at which he believes he is so skilled.

Writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky digs deep into the film noir genre as he channels classic cinematography techniques of the 40s and 50s and brings them into the twenty-first century. While flashbacks are the main storytelling technique in this film, the dramatic score and camera angles are also used to move the twisting and turning plot along. Even the diaglogue, while it might seem out of place in another genre of film, develops the characters in an appropriately noir manner.

Steven Man is convincingly geniune in the role of Mickey Lewis. He ranges from witty to serious to vengeful in a way that’s reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum. Katherine Randolph also takes a convincing turn as the femme fatale Katrina Webb, the ideal counterpart to Man’s protagonist. However, while Man and Randolph certainly do their jobs exceedingly well, it is the film’s smaller roles that end up stealing the show. Robert Donavan, Robert Davi, and Esther Goodstein all give solid performances that stay with you long after the film is over, and Dana Fares’ chilling portrayal of Heather is enough to give you nightmares.

As the film gets darker and darker (and stranger and stranger), Kanefsky manages to slip in enough wit and humor to keep the film from being too over-the-top. Overall, One In The Gun is ideal for fans of film noir who are prepared to keep up with the non-stop plot twists and surprises that lurk around every corner.

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