Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Drama,Romance Rhyming review for ‘One Day’

Rhyming review for ‘One Day’

‘One Day’ is a romantic drama starring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway

It shows how their lives change by checking on them every year on the same day


They start out at college graduation and have a somewhat awkward first meeting

A yearly glimpse into their lives is shown, some are lengthy and others are fleeting


As the story progresses from year to year it is fun to watch the change in hairstyle

The early parts of the film play some music that hasn’t been heard in quite a while


As the years pass they each go through their own ups and downs in their own life

They stay good friends and rely on each other to cope with their personal strife


Their lives stay connected, some years more than others, from one year to the next

He becomes a TV show presenter and she ultimately becomes a writer of text


Anne Hathaway uses an English accent as London is where this mostly takes place

The other main actors are all British and her accent is by no means a disgrace


As romantic dramas go I’d say this one’s average but it’s certainly not the worst

If you’re looking for a film in this genre there are better ones to watch first

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